How to Get into the Food Consulting Business

WWhat is the role of a food consultant in your business? How can they benefit your restaurant’s business and what are their specialties? This article will help you learn everything about food consulting, and the ways they can enhance your food-service business. 

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What does food consulting mean? 

Experts in food consulting are Food Consultants GastronomyFood safety, food quality and food safety consultants who assist food professionals and businesses in developing and improving their foodservice operations. Food consultants can be employed by restaurants, food producers and schools, as well as any other food-service facility.

A wide range of careers are available in food consulting. Consultants can choose to specialize or work as a team. Food consultants can apply for the following jobs:

  • Inspection of facilities and food
  • Quality consultant for food service
  • Food safety auditor
  • Design and Menu Engineer
  • Menu developer
  • Environment safety regulator
  • Food engineer

Most food experts who work in restaurants are involved with menu engineering, design, or both. Cost of food. A food consultant is often employed when a restaurant needs to provide healthier choices, improve safety, quality, or offer other suggestions to their customers. restaurant POS systemIt is your best bet. 

Specialists in food will have a different focus. A food consultant who specializes in plant-based cuisines will be sought out by a restaurant that wants to expand its vegan menu. Chain restaurants can hire food consultants to help them create operational and quality systems, as well as safety and food handling systems.

Many food consultants have backgrounds in nutrition and/or culinary arts, which gives them the ability to help industry professionals:

  • Food safety protocols should be established and maintained.
  • Assist in culinary design and development.
  • Assist with menu design, revenue generation and costs.
  • Develop and code food production plants.
  • Make sure your dishes are healthy and delicious.
  • Consult with us for any type of food production such as Gluten-Free Baked Goods. 


Which qualifications are required for a job as a food consultant

  • An associate degree in culinary management, food service, nutrition, and/or culinary art
  • Food handler’s license
  • Information about fire safety, disability and health is required
  • Management, problem solving, leadership skills
  • Food Service Consultants Society InternationalMembership in the FCSI is required to:
    • Foodservice professionals network
    • Recognized professionals
    • Workshops, events, and tools that will help you keep up-to-date with the latest developments in your industry
  • A good understanding of food safety is essential for anyone working in the field. HACCP CertificationThe type of certification you want to be granted by the establishment. 


Build your food consulting firm 

A process can be used to build your food consulting business. You will be able to lead the field through your education and experience, which will give you a wide range of possibilities. Below are steps and suggestions for building your resume to become a food consultant.

  1. Get a bachelor’s degree: Depending on the type of food consultant you want to be, you will need a bachelor’s degree in that food-related field. The best option is to Get your degree in Food ScienceManagement, nutrition and/or management. Your education in food will increase the number of opportunities available to you.
  2. Learn about the food industry.You will gain firsthand experience in the areas of management and health issues.
  3. Find a position at a well-respected food consultancy firm. Many food consulting companies are multi-specialized and there are many. Look for firms in your area of interest and submit an application to be hired. A good firm can give you the knowledge you require, help you build your network and provide insight on how you can be a successful professional in your area.
  4. Get involved in the Food Consultants Group It FCGThis is the most comprehensive and diverse list of U.S.-based food consultants. Join the FCG to increase your visibility and reach potential clients. 

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What is the average salary of a food consultant? 

Food consultants can work in salaried positions for food companies as employees, advising on product development and customer satisfaction. Payscale reports that food consultants earn an average salary of $50,000 annually.. According to their database, these are the top ten food consulting companies.

  • FAO
  • World Food Programme
  • Amazon
  • EY
  • Unilever
  • Nestle
  • Marriott International
  • Starbucks
  • Oracle
  • Google

If you are working as a freelance food consultant, you can determine your hourly, daily or weekly rate based on what salary you’d like to make. For example, if you’d like to make $60,000 per year, you will divide that number by the number of working weeks and then by the number of hours in a working week. The figure that you obtain can be multiplied to increase your revenue for expenses such as taxes, insurance, and transport.

Prices for services can vary depending on the expertise you have, how difficult a project is and the budget of the institution or company that you work for. As a freelance food consultant, you’ll have to determine your rate for each individual project. 


You’re a food consultant. You’re now a food consultant. 

Once you’ve set out an academic and career path to become a consultant, there are some things you can do to continue to grow your business, brand, exposure and expertise:

  • You can become a professional member in good standing of Food Consultants Society International. You must meet the following requirements to become a professional member:
    • As a project manger in a firm that specializes in food industry consulting, you will be employed for three years
    • As a Senior Associate Member of FCSI
    • Take two FCSI exams
    • FCSI’s code of ethics is available to subscribers
    • Provide three references
  • Prior to becoming a professional FCSI member, you may become a senior associate Member. This gives you the opportunity to access professional journals and publications and allows you to attend seminars with food service professionals.
  • Published. Published in a food journal. International Journal of Food Science and TechnologyThe Journal of Food Nutrition and Food Sciences.
  • Make your website to showcase your creativity restaurant missionValues, work experiences, and qualifications.
  • Consistently attend workshops and seminars related to food science, nutrition  and safety.


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