How To Drastically Improve Your Business Website Templates And Functionality?

Not so long ago, not all businesses would have websites. Though throughout the years, things have changed, and today having one is essential to a business’s survival. Moreover, building a website is not as costly as it used to be. In fact, you can build a website with very little effort, at an even lower cost, where you can end up paying just a few dollars a month to ensure it runs well. However, building a website demands a lot of considerations. 

That said, here is how you can improve your website’s interface.

Domain Name

Your domain name is an address that is unique to your website. Part of improving the template and functionality of your website involves creating an easy-to-remember and catchy domain. Typically, your website’s domain will need to include your business name. For instance, Google’s domain name is Make sure that the domain is not taken and look to have a domain that is relevant to your business. There are two costs included in creating a domain, which is the cost of busing and registering every year. 

Personalized Email Address

Apart from increasing credibility, having a personalized email address makes your business look more professional and better established. Your email address must be included on your website since many of your online visitors might be looking to contact you. Look to have your domain name used in your email address, which is the most common format.

Find a Website Builder

You will need to search for a credible and talented website builder. The website builder will not only work to improve the aesthetic of your template, but also have your website function better with their web design implementation. Moreover, they will work on different SEO strategies, which will have your website perform better. Successful SEO strategies should increase your website’s traffic, improve your search engine result ranking, make it easier to use, and nicer to look at. With time, your business should benefit from an increase in customer visits. Preferably, look for a website builder that works closely with your industry or niche. The web design advisors over at stress the importance of this aspect as it can help you take full advantage of professionals who know the ins and outs of your industry. This is achieved by working with marketing experts that will help identify opportunities in your niche with a high return rate.

Pick a Template

You will need to work closely with your website builder and choose a template that you think best suits your website relevant to your business. Though, customizability may differ from one website builder to the other, since many web designers do not hand over the creative reins. Nevertheless, you will be able to guide the website builder towards what you want the website to look like, or use one of these pre-made fully customizable templates.

Add Content

This is also done with a website builder, as most of the content will be used to enhance your SEO strategy. Focus on adding strong content to your homepage, so that visitors quickly work out the type of service or product you offer and to navigate around easily. Moreover, the ‘About Us’ page should receive its due share of content, which should mostly be informative. It should tell a story, preferably with some pictures. Additionally, your contact page should offer clear information, otherwise, visitors may find it difficult to get in touch with you. A strong website should look to include a blog and a product page. The blog will mainly be used to add backlinks, which can increase your web traffic.

Optimize your Site

After you have added content and worked on the aesthetic of your page, you will need to center the remainder of your focus on optimizing your website for the search engines. Ideally, your website builder will work to enhance the performance of your site. This will include making sure it loads quickly since visitors can be quickly deterred by a slow loading site. A lot of keywords will be attached to your webpage, and they are usually linked to frequent words people use when they search for similar services or products. And remember, a lot of people will attempt to access your website via mobile. So, make sure that the website’s format supports mobile access. 

In addition, your optimization should increase your web traffic, which ultimately increases your customers, and in return, your sales. In order to capitalize on that, your website builder will focus on the keywords attached to your landing page. Typically, the keyword will need to be the most relevant, and most effective as well.

Improving the template and functionality of your website can drastically enhance your business’s performance. This is because many people prefer searching for new services and products on the internet. Additionally, by employing a strong website builder, you will be able to improve your SEO, which can increase your web traffic. And remember, a marketing expert in your niche can help you take your business to the next level.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.