How to Develop a Point of Sale Marketing Campaign

You’re waiting in the checkout queue at the supermarket, and as you glance around you notice a display of candy bars.  You see one that you’ve not tried before and add it to your basket. To the other side of you, you see a fridge full of cold drinks.  Feeling thirsty, you add a nice cold bottle of water to your basket. Thinking nothing more of it, you reach the cashier, pay for your items and leave.  You have just purchased two items from a Point of Sale marketing campaign.

A Point of Sale marketing campaign encourages consumers to buy items that they had no intention of buying when they walked into your store.  This type of marketing is employed by all different types of retail businesses and restaurants and is very effective. But how can you develop your own campaign?


Retailers have a variety of options available to them, so they need to decide on the goals they want to accomplish.  Do you want to serve seasonal interests, highlight a particular product, increase the visibility of new items, or shift stock that is coming close to its sell-by date?  

Next, you need to consider your customer’s route to the till, as this is where you will want to place your display stands.  Place merchandise along the lines your customers take and you have incorporated a Point of Sale campaign in your place of business.

Product Manufacturers

If you are a product manufacturer, you also have a couple of different options, but both will require visiting the retail store where you will be promoting your products and speaking to the store owners.  For example, if you have created a new line of popcorn that will be sold in-store, see if you can create displays close to the films, the other popcorn stands, or near the tills. All of these will be effective in encouraging consumers to buy your product.


Finally, restaurants aren’t typically able to create displays that encourage consumers to purchase the food on offer, so they rely on their staff to upsell certain items.  For example, someone ordering a steak with fries may be encouraged by the waitress to also order onion rings and a salad.  This type of Point of Sale marketing relies on the staff members to upsell. However, PoS software can also be incorporated in the place of business, which provides the member of staff with ideas on what to recommend.

Invest in the Tech

In order to keep track of how your PoS campaign is doing, it’s a good idea to invest in PoS technology.  There are numerous types of software, some suitable for all industries, and some much more niche. Each, however, can help you to track your sales and see how well each campaign is performing.  Websites like have a lot of articles dedicated to PoS marketing and tech that can help you through the process.

No matter what type of business you run, PoS marketing is something you should definitely consider implementing.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.