How To Create Packaging That Talks to Your Customers?

Marketing is all about the product. Right?


It’s about people!

Spending countless hours developing a precious product can give customers what they want. But it’s your product display box that makes them want to pick it up in the first place. 

If they don’t pick it up from the shelf, they will never relish the best features you built-in. 

Here’s a basic test. Remember the time you bought a new product. 

  • Were you already in love with what was encased inside the product display box
  • Or was it the packaging itself that caught your attention before anything else?  

In any case, it’s enough to kick start the purchase process. 

So, how can you make your packaging as effective as your product?

This is one of the questions that business owners like you should take seriously to ensure your business’s growth and success. 

Generally, product packaging refers to how a certain product is presented to the consumers. It’s regarded as the cover of the product used for handling, storing, shipping, and protecting it against certain external factors, such as breakage, moisture, and sunlight. It’s also an important component of product development due to several reasons. These can include:

  • It can help showcase and promote the product by providing information about how to use or set up;
  • It can help attract potential buyers by choosing colors and styles for the packaging which will encourage them to choose your product;
  • It can help set your product apart from the competitors’ products; and the like.

Indeed, there are many reasons why you should invest in creating quality product packaging.

Below are the ultimate tips to help you create that magical packaging (be it custom mailer boxes or else) that talks to your customers. 

Size Really Matters 

Want to make your products pop on the retail store shelves? It means you want to overshadow other products and stand out as a winner. If you think this is not the way to win the battle, you are absolutely wrong. 

To your surprise, customers value small-scale packages. A high percentage of them don’t believe that bigger is better. Depending on the industry you are in, this perception generally stems from a number of sources: 

  • People get annoyed when reality doesn’t align with expectations. Ever opened a large potato chips packet only to find out that it is only half full? When a brand doesn’t meet your expectations in this manner, you are less likely to rebuy it. Hence make sure that your packaging should give people an accurate idea of what they will get. 
  • Customers hate wastage. In this age, people are more concerned about the environment. If you are using plastic packaging, your buyers will only think of its harm through littering. Using excessive plastic packaging means you are the reason why the earth’s environment is getting worse. Typically, a minimalist approach works for the companies looking to sell their products. 
  • Placing a small object in a large container can also hurt your sales. A close comparison will reveal that your potential customers will think that your product is smaller than it really is. It relinquishes the value from the perspective.
  • Hence, if you’re selling smaller items, it’s best to use product packaging that doesn’t require a lot of shipping space. For example, you can use mailers for products that don’t need more protection or space during the delivery process. That way, you can maximize the space while making them attractive to your recipients. Thankfully, there are many shops online where you can buy shipping mailers for your smaller products.  

In such circumstances, the act of maintaining balance is the key to success. You cannot always make a positive impression on your customers with excess.     

Packaging Colors 

There is enough talk around packaging colors. It is the most powerful tool that many often ignores. So, are we really that naïve or misinformed? 

You can even boost your custom mailer boxes impact when you use the right colors. To get it right, here’s what you should consider: 

  • Each color conveys a unique message. Now, it’s up to you to prescribe the kind of message you want to deliver. Using the wrong hues could give your buyers the wrong idea about the product or your brand.
  • Similarly, some hues drive customers away. Embracing these colors can instantly shatter your sales. 
  • Specific colors are frequently used because of their value. But you certainly do not want to be mistaken for a rival brand. A perfect way to evade this problem is by hiring a shrewd bespoke packaging company that can make your packaging unique while using these colors. 

Sway Customers with Texture  

Psychology plays a central role in nearly every part of life. You will admire the way it amplifies your sales figures.  

One easy way to cross a psychological barrier is by asking your lip gloss packaging vendors to add texture to your packaging. Probably your ideal customers are looking for a reason to commit to the sales.  

Visualize that a person picks up your packaging off the shelf. What would the texture on the packaging communicate? 

  • A rough texture will be seen as unrefined. If you are looking to sell a tech gadget or computer, this is certainly not the message you would like to give your customers. But it works just fine when you are selling organic food or natural products. 
  • Your product is way too valuable to have everyone touch it. But why does it cease to allow people to imagine holding the desired product in their hands? The idea behind it is to grow their desire for the product by giving them the two objects with the same texture.     
  • Food vendors are well versed in this particular sales technique. They successfully add the fruits’ natural textures to the exteriors of the juice packaging to enhance expectations. In the human mind, all senses work together. When you get your hands on a surface that feels like an orange peel, it makes you yearn for the taste. 

The Look 

Your product boxes are a marketing campaign in their own way. Therefore, all features you take into account when crafting advertisements should be considered here too. Why? We all know how strong visuals play a central role in convincing customers to make the purchase. 

Mind you, thorough market research should be conducted in order to work with facts: 

  • What design styles resonate with your target customers? If your ideal audience loves antiques more than technical gadgets, you cannot boost sales with sleek and chic-looking packaging.
  • Which packaging styles successfully catch your customers’ eyes? 
  • What sort of information do your potential customers require to make a purchase? Your product boxes must aptly convey that to them. 
  • Which works best: text or images? Many consumers are too lazy to read. Use interesting artwork and graphics rather than adding hordes of paragraphs. The brain registers visual art more quickly than text. One quick look, and the customer knows exactly how the item functions. In contrast, too much text or unclear descriptions make people put down your product. 

It all happens before your prospective customer touches your product, which brings us to the most crucial question: Do you go to such great length to emerge as a victor in this part of the process?   

Frankly, not all brands make enough efforts when it comes to developing their product packaging. Instead, they acquire the services of lip gloss packaging vendors like The Legacy Printing to create packages that appeal to all five senses. The US-based custom packaging company does all the hard work to ensure you have a winning packaging solution. The experts at the firm pay great attention to the small but important stuff, so you can have the packages that stand out on the shelf. 

From picking the material to choosing the ideal Pantone colors, The Legacy Printing ensures you get the best printing and finishing quality. Best of all, you get unlimited design revisions together with Free shipping and add-ons. This saves you hundreds of dollars in the form of packaging costs. The cherry on the top is you can have your packages delivered in the shortest possible time by availing their ‘expedite service’ without losing a fortune. 

The turnaround time and unlimited free instant quotes make their service more enjoyable as you can focus more on the product and other important aspects pertaining to its marketing. 

We hope that this information will assist you in developing a packaging solution that makes your customers fell head over heels with your product. With proper packaging, you can attract more customers to pick up your product over the competitors, resulting in an increase in sales over time.    

Heron Nelson

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