Top New Logistics Technology Startups in 2022

Logistics needs innovation now more than ever – the industry has accumulated too many potential growth points. A mature business is not always ready to invest in the development of new solutions, but startups come to the rescue here.

Which logistics startups deserve special attention today?

Let’s take a look at some interesting projects.

ClearMetal – supply transparency

Startup ClearMetal is developing a platform that allows you to track and analyze container shipments door-to-door, anywhere in the world. Today, the development of a logistics client portal with such capabilities is in high demand.

The peculiarity of ClearMetal is that it is not tied to any one transport, and allows you to freely track shipments by any possible means – be it a ship, truck, train, or plane. Integration with the world’s largest carriers minimizes the risk of cargo loss, providing valuable data for forecasts and analytics.

Convoy – like Uber, but for trucking

Convoy operates in the USA and was founded in 2015. Its mission is to build an efficient road freight transport model.

The key concept of Convoy is the “uberization” of transportation – the platform for senders and carriers works on the principle of familiar ride-sharing applications, with the selection of the optimal carrier for each client. This makes transportation less expensive and more environmentally friendly.

Locus Robotics – warehouse robotization

Locus Robotics is a warehouse robot company founded in 2014.

One of the most inefficient elements of warehouse logistics today is walking – moving around the warehouse often takes a lot of time for employees. Locus Robotics aims to solve this problem with the help of loader robots, we are talking about relatively simple and affordable devices. Robotization provides a number of advantages:

  • cost reduction
  • Optimization of staff working time
  • increase in warehouse throughput

Covariant – new generation robots

Startup Covariant is working on a new generation of complex machines. These robots can perform subtle manipulations on objects.

Mechanical “pincers” Covariant proved to be successful in the warehouses of the Knapp company, taking the place of packers and sorters of goods. In the future, such machines will allow people to get rid of monotonous assembly line work, and to create fully robotic sections in warehouses.

Starship – delivery drones

Estonian startup Starship is building drones that can take on the role of urban couriers. Nimble autonomous vehicles could make food delivery faster, cheaper, and more convenient.

From a customer perspective, the Starship platform is no different from food delivery services like Uber Eats or Glovo. The difference is that sushi or pizza is delivered to the user not by a courier with a large thermal bag, but by a small drone.

Development of new logistics solutions

Startups clearly demonstrate that the logistics industry is not so conservative. Today, businesses are increasingly thinking about investing in the development of new IT solutions. For example logistics customer portal development.

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