How to create digital newsletters that will be read and boost sales

There are many ways to market your business. To tell the world about the products and services that you have to offer. Marketing enables you to reach more people and increase sales.

Most firms understand the importance of using as many formats as possible to do this. They know that doing so enables them to reach all kinds of potential customers. Yet, many firms neglect to use digital newsletters to promote their businesses. This is a great shame because, as you will see, it is a surprisingly easy and effective way to make more sales and build brand awareness. This quick guide will help you to get started.

Use a template

It would take you ages and require a lot of skills to create a newsletter, from scratch. So, it makes sense to use a free newspaper template, like this one.

Set up a publishing schedule and stick to it

That is the hardest thing sorted. Now, all you have to do is to write the content for it.

With newsletters, you need to be consistent. If you publish it on the same day every week or month, you will have a bigger active readership.

Provided the content is good and meets the needs of your target readers many of them will start to look forward to reading it. This will greatly improve how successful your newsletter is.

Get everyone to contribute

Producing a newsletter represents a considerable time commitment. If you want to you can employ a freelance writer to create most of the content for you. This will likely cost you several hundred dollars, every month. Plus, if you want the content to be relevant and to portray your brand in the right way you will have to spend at least a few hours, each month, liaising with them.

So, you might want to try getting your staff to write the content instead. Initially, some of them will struggle. But, with a bit of guidance and support, most people will be able to produce something worth reading. 

Getting everyone involved has the added advantage of keeping your staff engaged. It will also help to ensure that they really think about what you are all trying to achieve. When they write their articles, they will be forced to focus on the customer. Something that can help your employees to better understand the needs and aspirations of the people they are serving.

Don’t make it all about sales

Don’t fall into the trap of using your newsletter purely as a sales pitch. Aim, for 90% of your content to be about engaging with and building a relationship with your customers. The remaining 10% can be used to sell to them. 

Tap into relevant trends

To make your newsletter as relevant as possible, tap into what is trending. This article shows you an effective way to do that.

James Lang

James is the Editor of Small Business Sense. His background includes freelance ghostwriting about things that impact SMEs, startups, freelancers and entrepreneurs. He hasn't had a boss in more than six years, and hopes his content will help you fire yours.