How to Create 3D Interior Renderings That Sell

When a customer approaches an Interior Designer, they usually prefer to browse a few original samples available with the designer and choose their preferences. This includes the color palettes, textures, fabrics, flooring, furniture designs, etc.

It is really important to be able to impress the customer and at the same time put forward your design proposal in the simplest way possible, as not everyone is familiar with the technical jargon of interior designing.

Gone are the days when an Architectural or Interior Designing pitch had to be made with an actual, handmade drawing or model of the intended design. Nowadays, 3D Renderings made with Computer Graphics that accurately capture your aesthetic ideas are the way to go!

What are 3D Renderings?

3D Renderings are the hyper-realistic reproductions of any Interior designing idea down to lighting, design styles, and colors, which make it seem almost like a photograph of the future project!

Highly advanced software is used by firms specializing in Rendering to create them, and special care is taken to maintain precision and realism in the design.


Multiple renderings of the same space often provide an idea of how the final result of the space will turn out to be from different angles.

Benefits of 3D Renderings

  • 3D Renderings are better than 2D Designs

Renderings are much more efficient at conveying a design, especially an interior design, as they are much easier to visualize for clients. The exact results of how the space will turn out can be shown to the client even before the project starts.

  • Highly Cost-Effective

3D Renderings are very cost-effective and can be re-designed repeatedly to suit the changing needs of the client. Thus, there is more transparency for the client, as they can make sure their vision also gets included in the project.


  • Can Be Repurposed

A rendering that is once made can be remodeled and altered for precision in the design. Multiple design ideas which may have been rejected by previous clients can be reused and stored as part of your portfolio. Minor alterations can be made for other clients to meet the demands of the new space.

  • Problem Areas Can Be Identified

Unlike previous forms of presentation, 3D Renditions can help identify design flaws or problems in the implementation of a vision much better because the model is made to accurately reflect how the project will look in real life.

  • Easy to Access

The renderings can be easily shared with potential clients via the medium of URL Links and QR Codes and can be accessed anytime, anywhere!

  • Stay Ahead of the Competition

Adopting the latest technology is the best way to stay relevant among competitors and attract potential clients, thus helping your business reach new heights.

Tips to Create the Best Renderings

  • Should Be Highly Detailed and Realistic

A 3D rendering must include all the fine details of the space you wish to create. It is advised that the designer works with a firm providing the best rendering services to get the desired results.

  • Design Must Be Reproducible

The intended vision must be realistic enough to be accurately materialized into your project. Everything used in the rendering must be procurable.


  • Lighting Must Be Optimal

The Lighting of your space must be perfected, preferably by a professional, so that in the 3D Rendering, there are no spots that do not remain well lit and other spots where the lighting is too bright and flushed out to see detail. Use lighting wisely to chalk out the highlights of the space.

  • The Visualisation Should Be At Eye Level

If only one rendering of the space will be made, make sure the point-of-view is not too close to the ground or too high up.

  • Use the Highest Quality Equipment

In the case of creating a rendering, the best software available must be used. The coding must be up to date and fluent so that there are no glitches.

  • Keep the Initial Pitch Crisp

The first presentation you show your client should preferably be elegant and minimalistic to reduce the ‘Visual Noise’. Further elements can be added afterward per the client’s request.


In Conclusion

At the end of the day, the precision of your Renders and how you market them will determine the success of your project being accepted by clients. You must hand over your design ideas to professionals and let them weave their magic and bring your vision to life!

Plus Render is a leading firm that offers multiple services, from 3D Image Rendering of individual spaces of your plot to complete 3D Walkthroughs. Including these renderings on your website will attract more potential customers and help your business flourish.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.