How To Choose a Content Marketing Strategy that Converts

From giant advertising billboards to pop-up ads and promotions on Instagram, a brand needs to strategize wisely how to go ahead with its marketing tactics so that it reaches its desired level of exposure and thus results in an increment in sales.

Nowadays, we are living in a Digital Age; almost 4.7 Billion people or about 60% of the world’s population, have access to the internet. This massive influx of internet users also means that cyberspace is just as important as the real world when it comes to Marketing.

There are many Brands today based solely out of the Internet and do not have a physical presence except for their inventory and workforce. Even brands that do have a physical presence in the form of offices and showrooms are often evaluated by their share of Social Media presence, ever more so now as the Coronavirus has confined most of us within our homes.

So the question arises; How exactly does a brand succeed in being able to understand the pulse of social media and keep up with what is trendy at the moment, thus reeling in a solid customer base?

The answer is Content Marketing, with insightful assistance from a good Digital Marketing Firm!

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is quite a non-conventional method of attracting customers through engaging, creative, and often interactive promotional material through the internet, mainly through social media.


It is done through the medium of the website and social media handles of the brand and its collaborators, videos, podcasts, blogs, etc. It is not directly aimed at the advertisement of products or services as such; the focus is to create a ‘hype’ around the brand, thus increasing its marketability indirectly.

It involves the brand being highly engaged with its customer base through constantly publishing content while keeping up with the waves of change continuously happening in our society. It might also involve taking stands, political or otherwise, on relevant social issues to keep their base audience thoroughly engaged.

It is one of those things which either can be a big hit or a miss; it depends on how well the company assesses its target audience and evaluates their energy.

Why is Content Marketing Important?

The average customer in today’s times is much more thoughtful and aware than ever before. This is because due to the internet, they often come across information related to various aspects of products and how they cater to different needs, for example, the difference between ordinary shampoos and sulfate and paraben-free shampoos.


Many customers, especially youngsters, are also hyper-aware of different companies’ ethical stances.

Thus, more than anything, it is important for a firm to establish a relationship of trust with its target audience.

How to Create Content Marketing Strategies

  • Before a firm can start with creating a strategy, they need to jot down what they consider their Mission Statement is. This will ensure that there is a clear-cut path to follow while forging ahead with strategies and sorting out the ‘What’ and ‘Why’ behind the mission.
  • Having a PR Team and a designated group of individuals within the company is also essential.
  • The Brand must diversify how they wish to spread the word. They should use multitudes of platforms to distribute their content, including paid collaborators and promotions to increase their reach.
  • They must keep tabs on their statistics and focus on the interests of their subscriber base while putting out content to pull in even more customers.
  • The interaction with their existing base must be close.

Most importantly, they must hire expert advice through Digital Marketing Firms.


How can Digital Marketing Firms Help?

Digital Marketing Firms, such as Kala Agency, can help Brands reach new heights with their specialized and innovative methods. Run by digital natives, this agency will perfectly mold a strategy based on the needs of individual firms.

Kala agency specializes in brand development, web design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and Social Media Marketing (SMM) for entrepreneurs and brands and provides a multitude of other services.

How a firm presents itself digitally is an extension of who they are in the physical world!

The Enterprise SEO Services provided by Kala helps firms in designing web content in a specific way so that they rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages, which in turn will boost growth and exposure of the Brand. They help identify Keyword selection and content-creating strategies, thus helping to elevate their partner brands further.

The Copywriting Services can provide firms with ways to design Traditional and Digital Advertising, Product Descriptions, Landing Pages, Website Content, Email Campaigns, Sales Letters, and much more.

If you represent a brand looking to ascend to new heights, get a Free Proposal!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.