How To Build A Career In Marketing

Everyone in the job market should have some form of marketing skills.  In order to get the type of work you want, you need to constantly position yourself based on your personal brands.  If you do not have a strong web presence and are not getting your name out no one will do it for you and this will result in missed opportunities.  To ensure you stand out and get recognized for your abilities, there are some tips for building a strong career. 

Become A Master Of Your Domain

The best way to become known in your industry is to be recognized as the expert.  It will be easier to land a job or get clients when people know who you are and the value that you can bring to them.  This will be much better than submitting your resume or cold calling.  

It is important that you carve a niche for yourself so you can gain visibility and get the opportunities that follow.  You should choose a topic you want to be known for and choose the audience that you want to be known to. The audience could be small tech companies or students in a specific city.  The key is that you cannot be everything for everyone and you need to focus on the right people. You can utilise this as a showcase piece for your CV – here is a guide to writing your first resume and including this correctly. 

Be Consistent With What You Do

If you are going to start a blog, you need to ensure that you post consistently.  When you post every week, you will develop an audience which supports your career.  If you are posting irregularly, people are not going to expect much from you and will not put in the effort to follow you.  When you are developing a consistent brand image, you need to use the same pictures and position on all your social media profiles.  

Follow Your Industry Experts

When you want to learn something, you should follow the people who have the knowledge and experience in the industry.  You should follow the thought leaders of your industry on LinkedIn and by following their blogs while reading their books.  It is also easier now to connect with the industry experts as well.  

You will be able to see them at conferences or email them.  You can also reply to their tweets.  A bonus to this communication is that one of them might agree to mentor you and this will be a major boost for your career.  

Get Away From The Computer

A lot of people rely on technology to do everything and this can hurt your interpersonal relationships.  Instead of using social media to keep in touch with all of your friends, you should schedule some in-person meetings to build your relationships.  This will help you with soft skills that employers are looking for when they hire.  

You will also be able to develop your network better and become a better communicator.  You can also learn how to communicate better while learning how to deal with people. You need to use your online network to filter the right people to meet offline and then schedule these offline meetings.  

Create High-Quality Content

The term content marketing is something that we hear a lot about when it comes to companies creating content to get people interested in their products.  This is something that works for professionals as well.  If you create great content that relates your expertise, you should do it consistently so people can take notice and share it.  This will boost your career and is a great way to network with people in your industry.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.