How to Boost Your Business on Instagram With Likes and Drive it to a New Level

All of us are moving towards the new trends, which social media platforms have put in front of us. Social media platforms have provided marketers with a lot of convenient features.

The same is the case with Instagram also. In 2020, most of the marketers, authors, bloggers, etc., use Instagram as one of their main marketing as well as business platforms.

Its user base is big enough, to spread the message quickly across all the communities.

But for boosting your business, you require a lot of Instagram likes on your content, and without them, it’s not easy to survive.

How can one boost his business on Instagram?

For boosting your business on Instagram with likes, you need to gain them in large numbers!

The metrics include the number of likes you receive on your posts. It’s a symbol of support from your followers and it also helps in building that trust with your customers and clients, who are out there on the platform.

But such goals as gaining an ultimate Instagram boost for your business by generating real likes from organic engagement requires a special attention to a list of actions. They are posting unique and engaging content, interacting with followers on Instagram, and a few other things we shall touch below.

These factors actually affect your results and determine the growth of your business.

In 2020, you can boost your business with likes, in the following ways:

  1. A greater number of likes will, as we discussed above, assist you in building that trust with people who are following you on Instagram.

It will convey them, that you have been trusted before by thousands of people and that they weren’t disappointed.

So, their call to action will be useful you in selling more and more products as well as services.

Nowadays, there are a lot of people who are into false marketing and false promotions of products as well as services. But such people suffer with their businesses, as they never get the support of people on social media, in the form of likes.

But those who have it, get more and more customers.

  • Another way in which Instagram likes can work for you, is by attracting brands and HR scouts towards your page.

You can only reach out to potential customers through your posts, when you have clients!

For gaining clients too, it’s essential that you have some online proof to back your skills and talent. Likes provide that online proof and also make your portfolio better.

Even if we take an example of marketing, then it’s quite clear that the brand will only hire you, if you have some social proof of your online presence as well as reach.

That’s also the reason why, marketers buy real Instagram likes. They know that it will help them in reaching out to more clients and make more money.

  • It’s also true that if you want to boost your business and sales on Instagram, then you will try to collaborate with other artists and celebrities of your industry.

Collaborations can result in successful campaigns, which further help you in creating and establishing your identity as a brand. Nowadays, growing alone is not a great part of the trend. Instead, people prefer to grow together!

So, even in that case, not just for social proof, but Instagram likes can help you in increasing your online process.

As we discussed already that engagement is also measured with the help of likes, and therefore, more of the same will take your profile to the top.

The Instagram algorithm works in such a way that those who are able to gain a lot of likes, are successful in appearing at the top of search results. And that’s something, every user sitting out there, would desire, as the same will be useful even in collaborations and partnerships.

In fact, not just in the search results, but even in the explore section, or hashtags section, your profile will gain an important position, right at the top.

That will further help you in reaching out to more and more people, with your products as well as services.

So, these were some of the ways in which real likes can help you in scaling up your business over Instagram.

To set the ball rolling, some people buy Instagram likes, so that they do not have to put a lot of efforts and everything gets sorted quite easily.

But then there’s actually no need of the same, if you are able to master the organic measures.

Organically, it’s very important for a user to post content which helps his audience. Like, business is all about customers.

Marketers and influencers have to just think about ways in which they can help their customers with the problems they are facing.

And along with this problem-solving approach, it’s important to be qualitative with content on Instagram. It applies to stories, IGTV videos, posts, etc. Your content should be rich and relevant in a lot of ways.

Once you are actually uploading good-quality content, bring in hashtags which improve your reach. Not just their use, but also try to master some of them, so that people start knowing you on the basis of them.

Lastly, always keep in mind that you have to interact with a lot of people. New followers as well as existing ones are always going to be there and you have to stay in touch with them.

Only then, they will show their support in the form of Instagram likes. Users always value discussions and their voice being heard.

So, make sure to drop special content for your followers, who help you in your journey.

This is where you can also organize live sessions and giveaways, in order to keep your audience happy.

In conclusion, likes have become an important part of the Instagram algorithm and they play an important role in growing your profile. It’s just that you have to focus on gaining more and more of them!


Alex is a small business blogger with a focus on entrepreneurship and growth. With over 5 years of experience covering the startup and small business landscape, Alex has a reputation for being a knowledgeable, approachable and entrepreneurial-minded blogger. He has a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing small business owners, and is able to provide actionable advice and strategies for success. Alex has interviewed successful entrepreneurs, and covered major small business events such as the Small Business Expo and the Inc. 500|5000 conference. He is also a successful entrepreneur himself, having started and grown several small businesses in different industries.