How to Become an Influential Marketer on Instagram

There are about 800 million active Instagram users every month, 500 million of whom post content almost on a daily basis. This content generates more than 250 million likes every day. With such an extensive and potential market, it is no wonder that a lot of people are pushing towards becoming influential marketers on Instagram. The related blog Income Artist tries to give insights into the approach one should take to achieve this fete and the benefits that come with it.  

Mind you, there is a lot of competition as every other account is pushing to garner a massive following which is a key ingredient towards becoming an influential marketer. Instagram marketing comes with its perks as you can earn a passive income by just sitting pretty and having brands approach you to mention them on your feed. Getting to this level though requires patience and hard work. Here are some of the steps you should consider taking to become successful in this sector.

Identify Your Niche

Time and again, this has to be emphasized, that if you just throw content from anywhere and about anything, you will just get a random following who might not even engage with you. Smart marketers identify a specific audience and curate content that is focused on that particular audience. If you choose to go the fitness and health direction, try and stick to that. If you choose nature and travel, work entirely on that. Instagram users will be looking at specific content. If they happen to land on your page with well-organized and focused content, then they help you grow your followers through reposting and engaging with your content.

Be Passionate About Your Niche

Do not just wake up one day and decide that since those users whose accounts focus on health and fitness have a massive following, that you should also start one show casing the same. For how long have you been working on that particular field? Do you have a passion in this particular field? If you responded on the negative to both of these questions, then you should not even think about starting such a page. It will just fail and leave you frustrated. Those successful accounts you see with massive followers are years of consistency and passion, without which you cannot grow anything.

Create an Attractive Bio

If you want to market anything on Instagram, then you must give users a reason to visit and check out your profile. Where else to start than your bio, which acts as your introduction. Now that you know or have an idea about your target audience, it is time to start curating your account. This starts with creating a bio that is both informative and captivating and will draw people’s attention. Your bio will be the first aspect of your account that potential followers and brands will see when they visit your account. Make it worthwhile and convince them to proceed to check out your entire profile and eventually follow you.

Post Creative and Quality Content

Keep in mind that everything about Instagram is visually powered. People want to see and get entertained by what you post. Take quality and creative images and post them with captivating captions. Share also your stories in videos and Instagram stories section. You should have a schedule of when and what to post to ensure that your content reaches to as many people as possible. It is this consistency that keeps your existing followers on their toes and attracts more to your page.

Engage with Your Following

In addition to posting and entertaining your audience, you need to let your followers feel like they are a part of your endeavors. Engagement is a must if you are looking to becoming a successful marketer on Instagram. People will comment and ask questions. Be ready to respond to those comments and participate in the discussions that ensue and respond to users’ questions in a polite and respectful manner no matter how stupid or smart the questions may seem.

There is a lot more that you should do in addition to what we have mentioned here. Bottom line is to ensure that you curate your profile to draw as many followers as possible.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.