How Self Storage Is Beneficial To Your Edinburgh-Based Business

Edinburgh is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, and for a good reason! The city has a population of almost 600,000 people and has over 50,000 businesses operating within its borders. The best part? Not only large corporations have found success here in the city! Edinburgh also boasts its title of being the Best City in Scotland to Start an SME.

If you are one of the many people who have a business in Edinburgh, then you may be looking for ways to make your office space more efficient. One way you can do this is by renting storage units near the city. 

5 Reasons Why Self Storage Is Beneficial To Businesses in Edinburgh

From storing excess inventory, equipment and supplies to freeing up space in your office for additional personnel, there are quite a few reasons why renting a unit at a self storage facility in Edinburgh is beneficial and a viable option for your business. 

Allows For Maximised and Optimised Use of Your Office Space

When you are looking to maximise the usable space in your office or place of business, a self storage unit is the best option for you. After all, as a business, there are various ways you may utilise a self storage unit. This includes:

  • Storage for extra office supplies, seasonal items, and old office furniture and equipment.
  • A place to archive office files and documents.
  • An inventory and dispatch centre for your products or goods.

Without the items mentioned above getting in the way, you will find that you will have more space in your office for additional personnel, brand new office furniture or equipment, a spacious breakroom, or even just something as simple as an improved foot traffic flow.

Meanwhile, if you are worried that you have far too many items to fit in a typical self storage unit, you’ll be glad to know that most self storage facilities offer units of different sizes. That means it will be very easy for you to find a unit that can accommodate your items, no matter many of them you have.

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It Will Help Increase Efficiency and Productivity

It is often said that clutter can be a huge source of distraction and stress in the workplace. This, in turn, leads to a decrease in efficiency and productivity among employees. Quite similarly, it can be challenging to be productive when your workspace is crowded or cramped with so many unnecessary items. 

That means, by using a self storage unit as means of getting clutter and unnecessary items out of the office, you may just be effectively helping increase the efficiency and productivity of the people in your team.

You’ll Always Have Peace Of Mind

Often, business owners are hesitant about using self storage units because their items are too expensive, too fragile, or too valuable to be kept out of their sight. However, with a storage unit, you’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are well-protected and safe from theft or any type of losses. 

This is all thanks to state-of-the-art security systems, CCTV coverage, and reliable staff members who can help in an emergency, among other perks!

Moreover, self storage units are the perfect solution to storing fragile items and valuable items in a safe and secure location. Not only are they clean and well-maintained, but you will also have the option of using a climate-controlled unit. You will never have to worry about dust, dirt, moisture, extreme temperatures, or vermin infestations getting anything damaged!

It Will Help Minimise Company Expenditure

At face value, it can be easy to assume that a storage unit will cost your company more money, not less. However, when you think about it, there are actually far more financial advantages to using self storage. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Office furniture and equipment are a valuable asset to your office, but they’re not worth much if you don’t keep them safe. For example, keeping them out in the open at the office puts them at a lot of risk for damage or theft. Such items are often costly, which means that you could have to spend a lot of money on repairs or replacements if they’re ever lost or damaged! You’ll be spending a whole lot less by keeping them in a storage unit instead.
  1. Office supplies like products, printer toner or ink, writing equipment, and other stationery items are almost always cheaper when bought in volume or bulk. However, purchasing in bulk is often not an option for those who have limited office space. That means spending a small amount on a storage unit may just save you a lot of money on storage supplies! Here are more tips on How To Manage The Use Of Office Supplies Better.
  2. Renting small office space and a storage unit will often cost you far less than renting a larger office space! 

Self Storage Contracts Are Flexible and Convenient

Self storage facilities offer flexible leasing, so you can modify your unit size for convenience based on your current budget and needs. For example, during the off-season or if items get sold faster than expected, you can quickly downsize to a smaller unit! Meanwhile, if there is too much stuff around in the unit, you may also upgrade to a larger unit. You may even choose to terminate your contract at a moment’s notice should you find that you no longer need a self storage unit!

To ensure that your Edinburgh-based business is getting the best storage deals possible, it is vital to check out at least three units. After all, there’s no use in wasting your time or money on a unit with unfavourable rates and conditions, if another one will have better prices and services!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.