How recycling can save your company money

While you might not realize it, the world is currently engaged in a silent war against a near-invisible enemy. Climate change and global warming are now the biggest threats facing not just our planet but all those on it and action is required now if we’re to halt (or at least slow) the effects of both.  

During the Paris Agreement in 2016, nations around the world committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and finding ways to mitigate mankind’s detrimental effects on the planet. The signing of the accord means, as individuals and business owners, we each need to recognize the part we can play to help improve the environment and allow the Earth time to recover.

However, while going green and improving your company’s environmental credentials is undoubtedly great news for the planet, as a bonus, it can also help cut your overhead by reducing waste. Recycling can save you money – and here’s how.

Reducing the costs of waste collection and disposal

With an increasing acknowledgment that landfill is bad for the environment, many states have introduced new laws banning the disposal of products as just general waste. As recycling companies are frequently able to recoup some of their costs by selling recovered materials, they often transfer these savings by way of reduced processing fees (i.e. lower waste collection charges). 

You will frequently find disposal via recycling is cheaper than simply putting items to junk. Companies utilizing recycling equipment like those supplied by conveyor solutions firm,, can deal with products and materials of all shapes, sizes and types. Before discarding items as junk, think about approaching your local recycling service to see what they can handle. 

Recycling and repurposing saves buying new products 

Very often, products you might have previously put out as waste can be reused or repurposed. For example, shredded paper can find a second use as an effective packaging for delicate items – while card boxes can be used for storage. Think about how your company approaches waste in the workplace and consider alternative uses for items you currently put out as junk. There are frequently alternative uses for waste if you apply a little creative thought. 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Depending on your industry sector, it’s not uncommon for companies to find themselves able to sell supposed ‘waste’ products. For example, electricians can sell off-cuts of wiring or plastic casing which aren’t used directly in projects, thereby generating an additional profit.

Also, before trashing old computers and other tech devices, think about taking them apart and selling their components. Often the parts of an outdated computer, when separated, can be worth more than the old machine itself so think about separating motherboards, processors, keyboards and screens before putting them out as refuse. 

Make greater use of recycled products

Purchasing already-recycled products are almost always cheaper than buying new – yet in most cases offers equally good quality. Items like ink cartridges, paper and even some recycled plastics (reformed into other items) can be repurposed and used again as new. Buying recycled is good for both the environment and your pocket with no discernible loss in quality. Check online for common recycled alternatives you could use instead of just defaulting to buying new. 

Brad Richman