How To: Loyalty Emails 101

One proven and effective technique in keeping in touch with the customers on a regular basis is via email. This is true for loyalty programs, keeping customers informed about their progress, perks, and reward prospects to make sure both high purchase and high engagement frequency, as those would not sit on their points. So, what type of loyal email should you send?

Read on to know the different messages you are able to send to members.  

New Member: Invitation to Partake

This is an occasional type of email ideal for non-members, 7 days to 30 days after purchase. Making a good impression is the most vital step if you want to win over clients. That is why it is vital to send an inviting and enticing message.

This kind of loyalty email must be armed towards clients who have made procurements for the very first time and haven’t yet subscribed to your system. Today, completing the purchase needs those to send their email to add. Once you receive their approval during check out, then call clients in a friendly way.

Current Members: Invitation to Partake

This is an occasional type of email that triggers quarterly messages for subscribed clients. Normally, when a client signs up at the online shop, they are instantly joined into the loyalty program. But, if the reward system is presented afterward in the lifecycle of your brand, you will have to hark back subscribed members to partake in the loyalty program manually.

Welcome Email

This is a transactional type of email for customers to join your loyalty program. This is also a vital milestone in your connection with your clients. As part of it, notify them about their point balance, current tier, perks related to the tier, non-transactional action they are able to get points with. A well-made welcome message provides the client with an idea of what to look for in loyalty emails in the coming years.

Loyalty Purchase

This is also a transactional type of email for loyalty members to make procurement. Rather than sending the client a broad receipt sorting out their purchase, why not send a message that shows them the progress they have made? Combine kind support with an update on how the number of points clients have acquired with their purchase, the existing tier condition, and the number of points waiting until reaching the next reward.

Points and Rewards Redemption

This is another transactional form of an email that triggers loyalty members to cash in their rewards or point. Once clients make use of their collected points to access a reward or benefit, it is a good thing to reach out to them again. What is more to confirm the successful recovery is that this kind of message acts as a reminder about members’ remaining points and other unused rewards. The message must include details concerning the redeemed reward like name and point spent, updated points balance and tier, existing tier benefits and points until the next reward or tier. The reward redemption is indeed a happy moment for loyalty members. 

Double and Triple Point Events

This is an occasional type of email that triggers campaign based. Clients love the idea of a bonus point’s campaign as they acquire more value for their hard-earned money. The best way they learn on such a campaign is through email. So, ensure to send out an email showcasing the rules, length as well as the perks of the double to triple point program. 

Birthday Reward

This is another transactional form of email, which triggers seven days before the birthday of the client. A birthday message is perhaps the most efficient tool in any business marketing arsenal if you like to make clients feel loved and appreciated. If you are aware of how to use delight and surprise mechanics, you are able to entice clients to purchase their birthday gift from you, although they were not planning to do so.

Birthday email content must be a true and heartfelt message, which resonated with the demographic of the recipient. A gift or coupon code they are able to redeem with the next purchase and usual membership information like current tier points and level. 

Monthly Summary

This is not a mandatory email but still shows a good chance to reach out to members. Monthly salary is a report, which breaks down the different changes, which have been done in the previous months. The message must include points lost and gained, new tier levels, as well as rewards that were redeemed.

Loyalty Program Update

A good loyal program must keep on evolving. Each time you include or eliminate a feature of altering the regulations, you must deliver an email to all loyalty members. Changing the price of specific rewards without informing clients ahead of time will lead to a bad experience. There are many reasons that could merit an official notification like the retirement of outdated features, intro of a new feature, changing the costs of rewards, and update to the data policy. 

Points Expiration

There is nothing customer disgust more than seeing their points vanish. Since the sole way of keeping these hard-earned points from failing is to make procurement. 

Highlighting expiration regulations on the Frequently Asked Question page of the loyalty program is vital, but more highly send an email concerning it. Email is indeed the most excellent and direct way of catching the attention of the clients. To make the most out of the effect of email, put in special offers, which encourage them to redeem their remaining points.

Loyalty Tier Expiration

In many ways, this is identical to point expiration, with a bit of disparity. For beginners, tiers expire rarely. The possibilities are high that people will overlook this eventually; therefore, a reminder message has a considerable impact. 

Supercharge Email Communication Now!

Equipped with the right knowledge, developing email programs for loyalty campaigns will be easier and faster. Marketing auto-providers and pure-play loyalty providers go hand in. As the two complement each other without overlapping, this enables you to customize emails or messages with loyalty data. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.