How Quiet, Comfortable and Practical is a Garden Room Office?

On paper, the idea of setting up an outdoor home office seems like the ultimate dream come true. Combining the best of all worlds, you get a private and secluded productivity space, positioned just a few steps from your home.

But from a more practical standpoint, exactly how productive can a garden office be? Separating your work life from your home life may be appealing, but what about issues with noise, bad weather and so on?

Truth is, the practicality of any garden office will be determined by its quality and configuration. Reducing noise and keeping the cold at bay is perfectly possible, but only in a suitably high-end garden room.

Office Garden Room

Effective Insulation

For an outdoor office to serve its purpose, it needs to be built from scratch with high-efficiency insulation as a top priority. The quality of the insulation a garden room features will play a major role in determining its protection from exterior noise and uncomfortable temperatures.

Insulation can be embedded in the materials of the structure, complemented with double or triple-glazing of the highest quality. This is where a high-end garden room differs from a conventional shed or summerhouse.

Ideally, your outdoor office should be built to the same high-quality standard as your home – no corners cut and no compromise on quality. With effective insulation and advanced double/triple-glazing, your outdoor office could be even more quiet and comfortable than an indoor office.

Fewer Distractions

One of the biggest benefits of working outdoors is the way in which it provides a welcome separation from your everyday home life. Working indoors, it is inevitable that regular distractions will hamper your productivity.

With kids and pets about the place, attempting to get anything done in peace and quiet can be practically impossible.

Outdoors, you have the opportunity to surround yourself with nothing but the relaxing and inspiring sounds of nature. It can be surprisingly uplifting to set up a workspace outdoors, swapping the usual walls and cubicles for a much more motivating backdrop.

As an added bonus, a garden room office can be fitted with floor to ceiling windows to drench its interior in natural light. It is a well-documented fact that natural light is the healthiest and most productive form of light, making for an even more pleasant place to do business.

A Cost-Effective Investment

Not only is a garden room more affordable than a traditional extension, but it is also something that could make you money long-term. More often than not, an attractive garden room will increase the value of the property it accompanies far beyond its initial installation costs.

This therefore makes a garden room office an outstanding long-term investment – both in your own productivity and in the value of your property. Even where setting up an office indoors is a plausible option, you may find an outdoor productivity space for more motivating.

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