How Much Can I Save Nearshoring my IT Developments

When your team is about to build software, you always want to save money without affecting the final version. This fact is always true because many factors affect the app development cost. The overall cost will depend on the type of application and the complexity level.

Moreover, the cost will vary depending on the platform on which people will use the application. But, when your company thinks about nearshoring, it can help to save a considerable amount of money.

So, in this article, let’s check out the advantages of IT nearshore. Once you go through the article, you will also understand how nearshoring can help save for IT developments. 

Cost of appointing developers:

As you consider nearshoring for a particular project, you will be outsourcing it to a company based in a nearby country. While hiring the developers, you will hire professionals whose hourly rate is low. For instance, the hourly rates of software developers can be 50% less than the usual figure, depending on the region and the position.

Moreover, even when you have to pay less to the developers, you will get more work done at a less price. On the other hand, you tend to save money indirectly when you have access to a large group of experts, and the company can later use the savings for business-critical tasks.

Quality assurance for the final product:

When you opt for nearshoring to design a product, you can expect high-quality in every way. Once the professionals design the product with great care, you will not have to go back and think about making any changes.

Besides, you don’t have to spend much time on maintenance and support. Eventually, the quality of the product will be as per your expectations. Later, you can afford to hire a large development team that designs a remarkable product. 

Quick Returns on Investment (ROI):

While the nearshoring development team takes care of everything, you can quickly expect better returns on investment (ROI). With the launch of the product, you will also be able to position your brand ahead in the market.

Hence, when the development team strives to develop the product in less time, it ultimately helps save money. Additionally, you will be quick to start earning as soon as you launch the final product. 

Helps for better communication:

In today’s world, many businesses consider nearshoring only because there are no issues in communication and legal dilemmas. As the nearshore destination is near your region, you will encounter fewer cultural differences. Hence, when there are no problems in communication, there are fewer chances of delay in delivering the project.

On the contrary, if the team completes the project beyond a timeframe, then you will lose money. Subsequently, when you have developers in a close time zone, you will no longer have to wait for a long time for answers to your questions. 

Enables you to hire staff properly:

When you think of nearshoring, you can take advantage of the staff augmentation business model. You can consider the strategy through which you can hire part-time developers. If you don’t think hiring professionals for full-time roles is necessary, then you can hire a small team for the project.

With full-time managers and directors, you can think about designing a high-quality product at an economical price. As you will hire the nearshoring team, you only have to keep it for a term till the project ends. Later, you will not have to consider paying that team’s wages. 


To sum everything up, companies should always prefer to hire a nearshoring development team for their projects. Once your company comes across a team near the business location, you will no longer face communication issues. With quick collaboration and coordination, you can always expect the project to be completed within time and expected quality. 

After completing the project, you will not have to consider paying the wages for the nearshoring team. In that case, you can think about ending the relationship with the team after it develops the app. Although, the team that develops the software is the one that will provide better maintenance and avoid technical debt.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.