How Having Another Phone Number Can Benefit Your Business

No matter the size of your business and when you began operating, having a way for customers to reach you by phone is essential. A phone number allows potential new clients to ask questions about what you offer, plus enables existing customers to see if you have desired items in stock, verify your business hours, or place an order.

There may also come a time during the running of your business where it becomes apparent that having another phone number would be advantageous. Or, if you have not thought about that option before, it’s wise to keep an open mind about it.

A New Phone Number Can Help Your Business Grow

Perhaps you’re thinking about moving forward with a business expansion. There are lots of valid ways to scale up your enterprise, including identifying new opportunities in the market. Consider the example where you began your company by primarily catering to individuals and households, but you want to grow your business by also offering dedicated services to corporate clients.

Getting an additional phone number can aid in that important effort because it makes it easier to promote the two separate focuses of your company. For example, if your advertisements instruct people to get in contact via a certain number if they want to support your business as an individual and another one if they are reaching out on behalf of an organization, it’s easier for interested parties to receive relevant information after they dial the number.

Another way that an additional phone number facilitates business growth is that it lets you have a separate phone number for different segments of the market. You might use a certain number for Spanish-speaking customers or people who need to place bulk or recurring orders.

A Second Number Could Help You Provide Better Service

Research indicates that people’s expectations are rising concerning the level of customer service they receive from companies. Some individuals will only give you one or a few chances to get everything right, and they’re more likely to share both good and bad experiences on social media platforms or with their friends.

If you have a dedicated phone number for people to call when they require customer service, that approach means they immediately get connected to the right department and do not have to get transferred elsewhere after dialing the main number. Second phone number apps also exist that let you take business calls from your personal smartphone.

It could feel embarrassing for you and awkward for the caller if they call your business and hear you say, “Hello?” as if answering a friend or neighbor. The person on the other end of the line may also worry that they dialed the wrong number. Thanks to a dedicated number that helps you serve business customers, you have opportunities to make a strong first impression and boost the chances of loyalty and high satisfaction.

The examples here show why getting another phone number is a simple but effective way to take your business to the next level. You can increase the chances of worthwhile outcomes by thinking carefully about the specific ways that a second number addresses the challenges you currently experience in the company.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.