How Employee Performance Management Can Strengthen Your Team

Evaluating employee performance is one of the great challenges facing any manager. It is important to measure performance against expectations, but it can be difficult to find meaningful milestones to use. Focusing purely on standard metrics like sales or outputs can lose sight of an employee’s value and send the wrong messages. By using advanced employee performance measurement tools like Bridge, managers can access more ways to evaluate and motivate members of their team. Here are some of the advantages that managers and employees can get from these tools.

Measurable Goals

Using measurable goals through performance evaluation tools like Bridge can give you specific ways to evaluate employees. You can set goals together during annual reviews, and then track performance throughout the year rather than waiting until the next review meeting. This is a great way to keep goals in sight and stay motivated.

Focus on Progress

Keeping track of goals is a great way to add positive motivation to the evaluation process. With a goal in sight and clear ways to track progress toward each goal, you and your team members can focus on what they are accomplishing.

Align Company and Individual Goals

Employee performance evaluation tools are great at integrating individual goals into a larger company vision. Employees can see how their work helps move the needle toward the entire company’s goal.

Focus on Key Skills

Evaluation tools work wonderfully with employee development and training platforms. In addition to evaluating how a person is progressing toward work goals, the same principles can be used for training and acquiring new skills and competencies.

Employee evaluation is more than going through the motions of an annual review. It’s an opportunity to make each member of the team stronger and to show employees how they fit into the big picture. Using advanced employee evaluation and development tools can help make each member of your team stronger.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.