How Do You Arrange Two Desks In A Small Office

Sometimes a home office is used by more than one person. If appropriately organized, any size can be optimized to harbor two people. Creating a functional office space is essential when you’re sharing it. With the increase in freelancing and telecommunicating teams, allocating more than one person in a room is becoming more common.

Home office desk reviews state that minimalism is on the rise in office space planning these days. Minimalism isn’t just about saving space; it’s about being cost-effective and presenting an attractive-looking area without making it look overcrowded. Maintaining a minimalist desk is more accessible over time, especially if you use storage bins and boxes to avoid clutter. Having a space that allows you to breathe makes you an efficient worker.

Planning and organization can help create a functional space that functions properly. Every area should be designed to serve a purpose. Using the space available to you in a creative layout allows maximum productivity. Here’s how you can arrange two desks in a small office.

Create Space for Two

Specific things like the allocation of electrical outlets take creative planning. Accessibility to both desks is vital for two people sharing an office. It’s essential to place outlets, so the wires don’t create clutter. Each person requires a desk for themselves plus a chair, documents cabinet, and perhaps seating for visitors. A standard sharing area should contain a combined printer/scanner to save space. The workflow of each person should ensure maximum efficiency.

Creating a Facing Desk Layout

Creating a layout that works for two people in a small office can be challenging. One layout that works for everyone is a facing desk layout. This requires desks facing each other, with filing cabinets and other office equipment placed in a corner. The face-to-face layout controls traffic workflow so that the two employees are not constantly bumping into each other. The printer/scanner is situated where it’s easily accessible to both people.

Style and Functionality

It’s essential to consider the functionality and style that serve the requirements of each sharing office. Research proves that the impact of a good layout on employee productivity is necessary. The design approach and methodology are different for different people, especially regarding office layout. Some like minimalism, but their color references might be different.

Having an office space that caters to the creativity of individuals when it comes to décor is necessary. When people can express themselves in terms of design styles, they feel more heard and appreciated. Adding a personal flair to your workstation brings out different and unique personalities, and it’s always fun to see what two people can do to a room in terms of style.

Using Office Equipment to Define Workspace

Using office equipment to define workspace is the key to arranging two desks in a small office. Place the desks on opposite walls, with a singular documents cabinet to define maximum space. It allows for the center of the room to be free, so there’s some breathing space. Setting up the printer/scanner counter is crucial, so both workers feel comfortable accessing it. The documents cabinet’s top area is utilized for storing books and other essentials.

Making the Most Out of the Given Space

Just because the office is small doesn’t mean it is impossible to have two people sharing it. Browse through different small office design ideas available and create your layout. Ensure that clutter has a designated space and the room is not left looking overcrowded. Opting for lighter desks and chairs makes the room look airy and bright. You can always add mirrors as décor since they make the room look bigger. Buying a matching set of chairs and desks helps a small office feel more organized.

Sitting Back-To-Back From Each Other

Are you easily distracted when facing each other? It’s tempting to converse with your office partner, but if it starts getting in the way of productivity, then it becomes a problem. However, there’s a solution to this issue. You can set your desks in a way that they sit facing back-to-back. Opt for a chair that spins so you can socialize during breaks instead. This is a great way to optimize storage within your limited space. Using each available wall to line up with furniture is wise to ensure that both workers access the required office equipment.

Visual Balance is Key

Creating a visual balance is vital when you have a small space, and you need it to feel visually balanced. This means not putting all heavy furniture on one side of the room and leaving the other empty. This creates a gap that looks visually unappealing. Using décor also creates harmony in the design layout.

Final Thoughts

When arranging two desks in a small office, the critical thing to remember is to ensure that the entryway is clear. Remember that every wall space doesn’t need to be taken up with furniture. Walls can be used for art galleries to spruce up the office. Happy decorating!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.