How Can Phone Calls Affect a Small Business

Whether you use a phone for work, or simply personal use, many of us have received illegitimate phone calls at some point in our lives. This can affect how confident we feel on using the telephone, as well as our perceived views on the company the scammer is claiming to call from. However, phone calls aren’t all bad. Sometimes they can be used to help benefit your working practices, and even increase revenue. By considering the different aspects, you may be able to improve the ways that you and your employees use mobile phones at work.

Wasted Time

Time spent on a call needs to be productive, otherwise, it is effectively time wasted. Unfortunately, when dealing with scam calls, any time spent speaking to these individuals has just taken away from something important. If an employee is unsure about the nature of the call, it could be a good idea to create a policy where they can simply hang up and search for the number, for example ‘who called me from 01914265602?’ and then either call the person back, or report it to their managerial team. Not only can this help to prevent additional time from being wasted, but it can also go a long way towards stopping scammers from gaining information, or even money, from your business.

Employee Anxiety

Even though calls may be a central part of your business operations, that doesn’t mean that employees feel comfortable in making and receiving them. In fact, a study found that 52% of millennials feel some level of anxiety about talking on the phone, and would rather send an SMS or email instead. To overcome this, you may want to consider boosting their confidence through additional employee training sessions. Creating standard scripts for employees to use can also help by giving them something to read from. This can be especially useful for those who feel so anxious that their mind goes blank. Supporting your team in working through and overcoming these anxieties not only can improve the ways they work for you, but may also benefit their overall wellbeing.

Increase Client Base

Not everything regarding telephone calls at your small business is negative. When utilized properly, they can help to increase the number of clients that you have, as well as sales that you make. Learning how to efficiently cold call those who may be interested in what you do, as well as follow warm leads on those who have previously expressed an interest, or used your services before, can keep people coming back time and again. When speaking on your business phone line, it can be good for your team to sound warm and receptive, as well as treating each person as an individual. Clients may like that you take a genuine interest in what they have to say, and building that rapport can help to establish a positive working relationship.

Using phone calls within your small business can come with pros and cons. By finding the best solutions for any negative aspects, and highlighting the importance of the positive, you may be able to take your business even further than before.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.