How Answering the Phone Impacts Your Business

When it comes to your business, whether you answer the phone and how you answer may be the factors that make or break your success. Phone calls are typically the first impression your business makes to new customers and potential clients. Extensive hold times and improper phone etiquette are costly mistakes. The tips provided on this website Spam Wars might help you to get to the basic measures of success in the new business venture.

The Problem

A new customer calls to get quick information about the services you provide, but when they call, they are placed on hold. Meanwhile, on the other line, a customer is complaining and expressing their dissatisfaction. In the midst of listening to the customer’s rant, you forget about the new customer on the other line. Upon realizing, you click over, only to see that they hung up.

The aforementioned scenario is very common across many companies. When there is only one person handling calls, it’s easy for calls to build up. The more calls on hold, the more likely customers will hang up due to the delay. Furthermore, customers that hang up due to being placed on hold for extended times are less likely to call back, especially if they are a new customer.

The Solution

There are multiple solutions to this scenario. One is to inform the customer that you will need to call them back. Customers appreciate being called back more than being placed on hold. When you tell them that you’ll call them back, you will also want to give them an estimated time of your return call. Giving them an estimated time for call back will prevent them from wasting more of their time and it will help you remember to do it since it will be scheduled into your calendar.

Another solution is to hire a message taking service. Message taking services are incredibly beneficial during situations like this. They can take over when call volume is high and ensure that every call is answered. This will improve customer satisfaction and ensure that you don’t miss out on enquiries and sales. If you want to know more about business management and financial abilities, check out this website Make-7.

The Problem

After a busy day, you are tired and overwhelmed. Your last call of the day is a customer who has a lot of questions. As you listen to them, you yawn and accidentally convey a negative attitude over the phone. The customer changes their mind and ends the call.

Phone etiquette matters, but the reality is that sometimes you’re tired and answering the phone may be the last thing on your priority list, especially during times of high stress. Most business owners and staff have moments when their phone etiquette is not the best.

The Solution

This is where a message-taking service can really come in handy. A message-taking service will always convey a helpful attitude and friendliness because their sole job is to answer the phone. They are not distracted by other tasks; therefore, they can always provide the highest level of customer service. Click here Comment Thai for detailed articles business management.


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