Hiring Secrets of The Fastest Growing Companies

Have you ever wondered why the human resource departments of some companies are so much more effective than others when choosing new employees? 

Not only do they seem to gain a larger number of workers, but they are also able to choose new employees who are skilled, productive, and are planning to stay with the company long-term. This is, of course, the goal, because having a high turnover rate will almost always have negative impacts on an organization.

Some folks who work in human resources may be just as diligent in doing the hiring as a potential employee is in looking for the job! Here are a few close-lipped (but successful) methods they may use that you might not be aware of. 

Performing Deeper Reference Checks

When a new employee fills out an application, there is almost always a section where they are supposed to fill in past employers and/or professional references. The application may sometimes even ask for up to five or more of them.

Not only will the hiring company or agency ask for the exact job where the applicant previously worked, but they also may go as far as requesting the personal contact info of these past work references. 

The average applicant may simply jot down a few past co-workers and/or supervisors, feeling that the company won’t pay much attention to that section of the application. But, in actuality, performing deeper reference checks (where the hiring manager will actually hunt out those prior professional acquaintances) will many times help them get a better understanding of your overall personality and track record.

Outsourcing a Hiring Firm

Some companies feel that their overall hiring costs are greatly reduced by outsourcing a hiring firm instead of doing everything themselves in-house.

Those same organizations may also feel that their turnover rate is actually reduced by utilizing a hiring firm because in many instances the recruiters at these firms will find more long-lasting, qualified job applicants. When employees are consistently quitting or getting terminated, the overall level of morale in the workplace lessens.

Not only does the motivation of employees decrease, but so does the quality of the products that the company produces. For example, if a fast-food restaurant is always doing a lot of hiring and firing, then it will lessen the possibility of anyone having the right amount of time to be adequately trained enough to prepare high-caliber meals. 

New companies that are not yet well known can also reach a wider audience of potential workers when a hiring firm takes over the recruiting process. 

Other Hiring Secrets of Human Resource Managers

It is said that lots of human resource managers will purposefully put a picture of their family on their desk, just for the job candidates to see! This supposedly makes interviewees more comfortable. 

Also, when it comes to certain open-ended questions (such as when they ask you about your biggest strengths and weaknesses), they often will say that the answer you give doesn’t matter…but it very well may!

Chris Z