Great Ways Writers Can Make Some Extra Money

There is no doubt that it is hard being a writer. Working hard to pursue your creative dreams is a life-long battle and things that are worth it always take time.

However, whether you are writing the next Oscar-winning screenplay or the next great American novel, you need to find good ways to make money in the meantime. Luckily there are some really fantastic ways for writers to earn real money by working online. 

Let’s break down some of the top ways to do it together.

Tutor kids or ESL students

Another great way for writers to capitalize on their love of and expertise for the English language is to look for online English teaching jobs and work online. Better than that, tutoring people who are trying to master the English language is going to offer you the wonderful experience of watching your students flourish and grow each and every week. See more here to find the opportunity to apply for online english teaching jobs.

Make money reviewing films, tv shows, products and more 

There are a lot of really easy ways that you can make money by reviewing products online. Sign up for services online that will pay you to watch a show or a movie and write a quick blurb about it. Sure, it can take some time to actually rack up major cash, but if you’ve got a lot of time on your hands this is a fun way to sit back, enjoy, and write! 

Start writing articles for money

Journalism of any kind is a really fantastic way to earn money as a writer. Not only does it allow you to practice your craft each and every day, it is also a really great way to improve your research and fact-checking skills, which is absolutely crucial if your dream is to write non-fiction or write about anything fact-based. However, keep in mind that getting work as a journalist is quite hard, as there are many people who are looking to make this kind of work their full-time gig. Being a journalist is a lot of people’s dreams! 

Edit student papers 

If you’re looking to help students in a different way, consider offering your editorial skills to improve high school or college students’ papers. This is a great job to do on your own as you can set your own rates, the only problem is finding the students to work with. For that, there are a lot of services that you can work with who will connect you with students who are looking for this kind of help. 

Write translations 

One final fantastic way to make some great money as a writer is to write translations. While in some cases you will actually have to be completely fluent to do this work, there are other instances in which you will be able to take a roughly translated work and then edit it f

or grammar and vocab to make it as well-written and easy to read as possible. 

Good luck and happy writing!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.