7 Tips for Promoting Your Small Business on Instagram

Instagram is arguably the best network to promote your business. It drives a ton of engagement. You can use it to get followers and generate sales quickly. This is why 25 million businesses are active on it. 

If you aren’t using it, you are missing out on several marketing opportunities that your competition is taking advantage of. To help you get started and get the most out of it, I have shared my top tips below…

Set up the perfect profile:

Your profile needs to make a good first impression. If you get this right more people will follow you and/or click on the link in the bio and sign up to your list. So, spend a lot of time on the Instagram profile. Think about what your target audience wants and model it for them. 

For the profile picture, you can simply upload your logo, while in the bio you can briefly write about what your business does and what you like to post about. Then include a call to action that asks them to buy something through Instagram or sign up or follow you. 

The call to action should depend on your overall business goal. 

You can also add extra calls to actions and information in your Instagram highlights. If You have more than 10,000 followers you can include links in each highlight. These could lead to squeeze pages, blog posts, product pages, etc. 

Publish several times a day:

If you publish more often on Instagram you will naturally generate more engagement and get more impressions. This will help you sell more and gain a lot of followers. So, try to publish at least 4 times a day. 

Create more stories:

Your 4 posts don’t need to just be in-feed posts, some of them can be stories. You can actually publish more stories than other types of posts, as in-feed posts have become too popular, and more people are publishing them. While stories are published less often. Hence, competition is low and exposure is high. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can include links in your stories. This is something you can’t do with in-feed posts. 

Another type of post you could try is the IGTV video. Fewer people publish these too and you can include links in the description. 

Create more videos:

Videos on Instagram drive more engagement than other types of content. So, regularly publish video content. They take more time to create than images, but the time investment is worth it. 

Also, there are several tools that can simplify this task. You can use a video maker to create the video. And you can use a background remover and a photo editor to create thumbnails. These tools can help you create a highly engaging video in minutes. 

Use paid tactics:

Organic methods will help you grow slowly, but if you want to grow quickly I recommend that you set aside a budget to grow quickly. These can include ads and influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is cheaper, but it can take more time. If you want quicker results that you can scale, then ads would work better. 

You can also use a combination of both. 

Write better captions:

Images and videos are an important part of your Instagram post, but so are captions. After people view the media, they will read the caption. They will play a key role in generating engagement, sales, and leads. 

Also, if you add in elements such as hashtags and tags of other accounts, you will generate a lot more engagement. 

Hence, spend an ample amount of time on the caption. The better you construct it, the more engagement you will generate. If your aim is to generate more engagement, you can write something funny while if you want sales you can add the product description you add to the product page. 

Think about the audience and the goal while writing it. 

Monitor data:

Gaining success on Instagram won’t happen overnight. It takes time. In the beginning, your results will be minimal, but after you monitor the data and get feedback, you can slowly improve it and get even better results. 

Make sure you use a good Instagram analytics tool for this. 


These are 7 tops tips for promoting your small business on Instagram. There are several more wonderful and useful tips. But you can start with these. You can incorporate more after you find success with these.

Naim Taha