Guide To Harness Solar Energy For Home Appliances

The cost of going solar goes down year after year. Being the cleanest and free energy, renew energy solar power has become trendy in all places. Also, solar power is most ideal for smart home appliances. With the new technology of storing solar power at home using a battery, inverter, solar power has become more advantageous. Another major advantage of using solar power is that the surplus power can be sold by the consumer himself by connecting the panel to the grid.

With these numerous advantages, renew energy solar power has become the wise man’s choice.  Many advice to go solar, especially if you’re living in California or in another weather-fortunate state. Income Realty Corporation team thinks this type of energy would be the best even for rentals. Here is a guide on the basics of harnessing solar energy at home for domestic purposes.

Basic Questions To Ask Before Installing Solar Power

  • Does the location receive proper sunlight?
  • Can solar power be installed without an expert’s help?
  • Does the renew energy solar power save money?
  • How far is solar safe?
  • What are the state incentives offered for installing solar power?
  • Where to learn about solar power and the guide of its installation?
  • How will solar power affect the resale value of a home?
  • What are the environmental benefits?

Solar Panel Mounting

  • Make sure that the mounting and tracking system are engineer certified. For instance, if it is to be installed in a cyclone prone area, it should be cyclone rated, wind certified
  • The system should have warranty arrangements and disaster replacement options as the solar mounting is the most crucial part of the entire renew energy solar power system.

Types of Panels

  • Always select panels with high efficiency. This is because solar panels occupy a wide area. Therefore, smaller size high-efficiency panels are more suitable for domestic purposes. Though such an option is expensive, they would eventually fetch money when the surplus is sold in the grid
  • Polycrystalline technology and the thin film technologies have reduced the size of the panels to a great extent
  • Filling the ample spaces in the terrace or garden with inefficient panels will hinder the ability to add more panels in the future to increase the power output


  • Go for the government certified panels to gain the rebate.
  • Also, government certified products undergo various tests to meet the advertised standards
  • Never trust a self-certified or self-assessed product.

Manufacturer Warranty And Price Expectation

  • Have a realistic price expectation This can be achieved only after a basic understanding of the technicalities of solar power.
  • Never hesitate to spend the right amount on installation. Because the installation of solar power is highly crucial as compared to equipment purchase
  • The warranty period should minimum be 25 years. In order to achieve this, the company should be deeply rooted to withstand for such a long period of time.
  • Check on the track records of the company for its business in the field of renew energy solar power system


    • Never rely on high-pressure salespeople
    • Never make on spot decisions as the investment made is big
  • Inquire and get as many quotes as possible before making a decision
Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.