Growth of a Small Business The Dos and Don’ts

Growing a new business at a smaller level is always very exciting but also worrying process for many. This is why planning needs to be put in place in order to give it the best chance of succeeding. So here we cover a number of points to follow to help successfully grow the business

  • Researching

One of the most important steps before growing a business, is to do research on the industry. This also includes working out exactly what the business is capable of doing with the current resources that are available. This covers working out the sales projections and which areas could be targeted for greater success and overall business growth.

  • Goal Setting

To achieve anything in life, it is very important to set goals, so business is no different. When looking to grow a business, you should make some realistic goals over an extended period of time and this gives you something to strive for. By doing so, you can also mark your progress over time.

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  • Do not do everything

Especially with new small businesses, it is a common theme for the owners to be running round doing everything. Owners feel protective of it’s running but this can be detrimental to the success and progress of the business. Time needs to be spent on marketing, in order to see growth. More and more owners are now looking for help with this through the services of agencies such as Alchemis, who focus on new business. This can take the strain off an owner to bring in leads and let them focus on the day to day running of the business.

  • Feedback from Customers

It is very common in the current digital age for consumers to be asked for their feedback on products they have bought online for example. It is important for business to get to know their customers, as you can then learn what they are looking for. When you have this feedback, you can focus your business in a certain direction and provide the service and products that your customers are looking for. This will also then keep them coming back and help to grow the business.

  • New Customers

While also looking to retain customers, much focus needs to be put into searching for new business in order to grow. By looking at a market analysis, you can identify where best to find new customers. You can then market your efforts into this area. The key is to attracting similar customers to the ones you already have, as you know they are looking for your products or services.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.