How the 90s Look Has Brought Success to Online and Main Street Stores

Fashion has been recycled, sometimes sticks around, or is kicked to the curb after a short while. 

However, this time it’s 90s fashion, and it looks like it is here to stay. Along with other favorites that have stuck around, such as Friends TV show, 90s Hip Hop, dungarees and checkered skirts; the fashion brands now know what to sell and who to. 

What Kind of Consumers Are They? 

In the 90s, the look was right for everyone and anyone. However, this has now changed, and the look is aimed at teenagers and young adults in their 20s.

High street brands such as Bershka and Pull & Bear are playing on this and have subtly changed their demographic audience to a younger age range. 

If you enter any of these two stores, there will be a consistency of brand logos that represent the 90s entertainment, checkered skirts, bandanna tops, bike shorts, and slip dresses. 

It is aimed at both genders, and they are both successfully buying. 

Why the 90s?

90s fashion was probably one of the most iconic around, and it still influences high street designers today. 

Some brands aren’t entirely copying the 90s style, but are adjusting it to people’s everyday outfits. From techwear pants to metallic spandex leggings; it can be accustomed to anybody’s wardrobe. 

90s Fashion isn’t only in America but is currently trending worldwide too. It would be hard to bring back the 80s fashion, for example, because there were some embarrassing moments that not everyone would adjust to, unlike the 90s. 

Even though the 90s fashion did have some cringeworthy moments, there were also some that highlighted fashion and changed the game for good. 

Another reason why everyone has caught the 90s bug is that TV shows such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air have been brought back by viewing platforms such as Netflix; which has caused a state of nostalgia. 

Also, television shows that have a great sense of fashion can influence someone’s style. It is all to do with what looks visually attractive and can catch the consumers’ attention. 

So Who’s Doing It? 

The majority of up and coming and known brands are jumping on the bandwagon. They know that it can bring real success, for it is based on consumers who are willing to purchase and wear outfits that are still considered iconic. 

From brands such as Forever 21 to techwear; there are so many unique clothing prices that can match someone’s style, whether that is for comfort, party, or even work attire. 

What We Think

For someone who wants to break into the fashion industry or into retail, this is a perfect opportunity to do so. 

There are more consumers that also prefer to purchase online since the products they find are also difficult for others to copy. 

That’s why now is the time for online stores and brands to build themselves and the market up to aim at a young consumer audience; since they are always shopping online. 

Now is the time to promote and advertise the brand and take advantage of the 90s fashion; since it’s only going to bring success in the near future. 


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