6 Features of a Good Event Management Software

Hosting an event can be a little bit complicated. There are a million ideas to work out and get right. If you fall short on any of them, the resultant effect might be embarrassing. Fortunately, with the help of event management software, nailing the ideas is a great deal, and much simpler. You just want to make sure you invest in the right solution. Here are 6 event management features:

1. Event survey

Do you know that event surveys are similar to the real-time polls, however, do not appear in real time but quite beneficial? However, whether you survey your target market before, or after your event, gleaning a ton of treasured data will definitely contribute to the success of your event. How did they just like the registration process? Was it easy and intuitive? What about your slate of audio system? Were your attendees excited to pay attention to them speak and did the periods stay as much as their expectations? Questions like these will let you learn about your target market and enhance your event in line with their hints.

2. Mailing campaigns

Mailing campaign is a must to properly promote any event. Entrepreneurs consider that e-mail is an excellent channel to promote a social event. Hence, your event management software must have e-mail marketing competencies. Or, at least, it ought to seamlessly integrate with a third party e-mail advertising software you trust. Event management software must have an integrated e-mail platform for customers’ convenience. This tool will help you construct stunning emails, segment your lists for the closing customized experience, and expand computerized email workflows to interact with event attendees at the proper moments.  

3. Event website

Do you know a fantastic event deserves an amazing website? However, what in case you’re not “techy” and also you do not know about programming language or code? Event management software can come to play in such a scenario. With event management software, you can be able to craft an excellent event website that definitely displays your branding and ideas. Want to add tables, videos, and/or custom widgets? No problem. Looking to boost visibility via SEO and social sharing tools? These features must be available in your chosen event management software.  

4. Online registration

Event management app manifestly desires to offer a way for attendees to check in to your event as a whole. But what about particular session registrations? If you plan to host special, restricted-seating sessions at your event, you’ll want a way for attendees to register for those sessions for the sake of decency and orderliness. Event management software will provide you with this capability. It will even allow you to collect wealthy statistics like attendee consultation alternatives so you can modify your event techniques in the future and provide absolutely the best event experience in subsequent times. 

5. Check-ins and Badge Printing

When attendees first arrive at your event, they’ll want to check-in. This is likely one of the first on-web pages experiences your attendees have to encounter with your brand. So it really will pay to ensure it goes properly. That means a short, paperless manner is ideal. The first-rate manner to ensure a painless check-in for your attendees is to combine the system along with your event management software program.  

6. Event program

Your schedule is the coronary of your event. It dictates what happens during and after the event. It also updates attendees up precisely on what’s occurring at the moment. A proper event management software program will allow you to effortlessly customize the look of your event’s digital schedule and make adjustments using a sincere drag and drop editor. Event management software should be able to cope with multiple tracks for every event, accommodate tags and filters for quick search outcomes, and foster engagement.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.