Goals A Small Business Should Set When Developing An App And How To Accomplish Them

In the past some companies did not even have a website let alone their own mobile app. With the rapid pace that technology is advancing at it is a matter of time before all companies have some kind of application. The most important thing is not what these companies sell or provide but rather their target demographics. A home care facility might not have an app as the older generation might not be as tech savvy making it a poor investment by the facility. Setting goals is important before the development of the app as the design should keep the specific goals in mind. The following are some of those goals as well as tips to help the app accomplish every goal set for it.

Generate Sales

Generating sales can be done through an app if there is a checkout process. Not everyone has time to sit on a computer or navigate a website trying to find an item. The app should not only be able to sell but it should also be able to remind people about recurring payments. This can be perfect if customers order monthly or are on some kind of subscription/subscription box. By developing the app you have more exposure to people that only use their mobile device regularly rather than a computer of any kind as they have almost the same capabilities at this point in time.

Make Sales Process Easier

Amazon did an incredible making their app in a way so that buying is easier than ever before. The checkout process is far easier on the app than anywhere else as it helps populate much of your information. The one thing to make sure of is that there is no compromising security simply to make checkout easier. No customer is going to care about an easy checkout if their personal or banking information is leaked.

Improve Customer Experience On Mobile Devices

Nothing is more annoying than visiting a business’ website only to find it is impossible to navigate on your mobile device. Not being able to check the status of an order or account balance can frustrate people to no end. Being able to pull up an app then do this can help with customer retention and experience as people want things to be convenient. Easy to navigate should be a goal here as some of the less tech savvy people might find an complicated navigation even worse than a website not optimized for mobile.

Remind People About Sales and Company Events

Email blasts tend to go right to people’s spam folder after one too many. Apps when installed that give a reminder about an event, appointment, or promotion can be a huge help. With this being said too many reminders can lead to an uninstall so this has to be done with care. Schedule out reminders over the course of the month but limit it to one or two per week unless it has to do with an appointment.

A small business that develops a successful app will continue to thrive and could be a large business in no time. Allow an app to help you market, sell, and provide customer service so it would be unwise for a current customer not to download it.Utilize tools like those below to help make your app as successful as possible.




Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.