Four Gold Investing Opportunities

Have you always wished to become a gold investor? Whenever the global economy suffers a blow or international conflicts arise, gold is the preferred investment choice.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has again verified the unwavering nature of this valuable asset. The possibilities for investing in gold are numerous, including bullion, futures, options, mining stocks, ETFs, etc. Each method comes with unique benefits and risks that investors must analyze diligently.

The information below aims to introduce prospective investors to each opportunity.

Consider bullion

The most common method of investing in gold is through purchasing bullion, which can be bought as coins, bars, and ingots. Investment-grade gold must be at least 99.5% pure. Bars come with a stamp with the purity, weight, and manufacturer’s name. The weight range is from one troy ounce to one kilogram. Conversely, gold coins are available in multiple sizes and shapes. Nevertheless, extra money is paid for engravings and other design elements.

Moreover, investors can purchase bullion from brokers or banks. It’s paramount for the sellers to be reputable and trusted. Gold jewelry investments are an alternative method for getting exposure to this metal, but these aren’t the same as the actual investments in the metal. Jewelry tends to include costs like branding and craftsmanship, which aren’t exactly related to the metal’s value. This article explains how gold jewelry value is calculated by jewelers.

Nevertheless, the ownership of gold bullion is supposed to be accompanied by proper insurance and storage. The largest risk related to your holdings is the likelihood of theft. Safe storage is vital for keeping your holdings secure, either in a safety deposit box or a vault. Coins are particularly prone to theft if stored at home or in another unsafe location.

Having a consultation with an insurance professional is crucial for finding the best way to insure your assets. In most cases, insurers impose certain requirements linked to storage before agreeing to offer you a policy. Another potential risk for bullion investors is the difficulty in receiving the complete market value of the assets you’ve invested in, particularly referring to coins. If you need the money quickly, you might be forced to settle for much less than you have hoped for.

Just like other commodities, the prices of gold soar and drop depending on market forces. Every investor should accept the fact that the value of their holdings won’t be constant. Read here,, about how gold increases in value on prospects of more sanctions on Russia.

Consider futures and options

Another method of making a gold investment is through futures and options. Futures refer to contracts that allow a person to purchase or sell an asset on a given future date. They empower investors to speculate on the price trends of gold and provide them with immense leverage. In layman’s terms, an investor can own numerous futures for a low money sum. Provided they move in the desired direction, one can earn plenty of money.

This leverage, however, can be a two-edged sword. In case gold moves in an undesired direction, you will have no other alternative but to invest extra money towards contract maintenance, which is known as margin. Unless you take this step, the broker will be forced to close the position, so you’ll end up taking a loss. While the opportunities for making money are huge, you can simply lose it in the blink of an eye.

Therefore, the futures market is best suited for sophisticated and experienced investors, meaning you’ll need a broker that enables such trading. Anyhow, not many brokers offer this service.

Options are considered an alternative to futures, providing the owner with the right to purchase the contract within a pre-determined time frame at a preset price. The advantage of choosing options is the fact that they not only leverage the original investment but limit losses as well. Once again, the volatile character of both options and futures makes them unsuitable as investment methods for less experienced investors.

Consider mining stocks

Another opportunity for investing in gold is through mining stocks. This sort of investment empowers investors to profit from gold while taking lower risks. The possibilities for making profits work in two ways. Firstly, when the metal’s price rises, the profits of miners rise as well. Secondly, miners are able to increase production over time, which even further increases the profits.

The choice of mining company has a tremendous influence on how successful your investment would be. The leaders in the gold mining field manage global operations that help them show profits even when prices are plummeting. When investing in individual stocks, make sure to choose from the proven players in the industry.

Investors should steer clear of risky miners, which are more common than you think. Small miners should be avoided as well, particularly those that still lack a producing mine. Remember that mining stocks are not much different than other individual stocks regarding volatility.

Get to know ETFs

Investors who aren’t appealed by the option of owning bullion or keeping up with the fast pace of futures market can invest in an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund.) Gold ETFs are unquestionably more liquid than bullion. The following Augusta Precious Metals review might be helpful for investors planning to purchase bullion. Conversely, ETFs can be bought in an IRA or brokerage account.

Small investors stand to gain the most from investing in ETFs, as the investments can be low. Additionally, the average expenses related to these funds are substantially lower than the fees on other investments. ETFs are more exchangeable for cash at the current market price.

Funds can be traded whenever the market is open, just like trading stocks. On the negative side, ETFs are exposed to price movements, meaning their performance depends on whether this valuable asset performs well or terribly.

In conclusion

Analyze the pros and cons of each opportunity to select the most profitable one for you.

Become the investor you’ve always dreamed of!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.