Five ways to make your business stand out

Many business owners are not aware of the marketing techniques available to them. As a result, they might be missing out on many potential customers if they do not implement some or all of these strategies. Some of these techniques can even be performed for free by the business owner to save money on marketing costs and increase profits.

1. Create a marketing strategy

Marketing is a crucial component of any business. However, the key to success in business is to stand out from the competition by doing something different.

To create a marketing strategy, there are so many things that you can do, such as conducting customer surveys or reading online reviews for how your competitors market themselves. You should also have goals set to know what you want to achieve and why before coming up with your strategic plan. Things to consider are what products or services you want to be known for, who your target customer is, and what makes your business stand out from the crowd, such as your products, services, pricing structure, or more. All of this will fall into your marketing plan.

2. Make sure you have an attractive website.

Find any way to make your website more attractive. Make sure you add your logo, company name, and slogan on a banner on the home page. Fill the website with clear and concise text that gives potential customers an idea of what your business offers. Add photos of the products or services you provide to see what quality looks like to encourage them to buy from you. Also, make sure your website is search engine friendly; this is an article all by itself. Just make certain the website has a clear goal and the consumer can get to the information as fast as possible.

3. Use social media to your advantage.

One of the truly most effective marketing strategies that an owner can use is to make their business stand out on social media. Most companies have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account. This allows them to get their name out there with little to no cost. All they have to do is post pictures and videos as much as possible to increase the number of followers. The key is consistency, posting regularly and making sure the content is interesting for people to read. If you can post videos, put a link on your website so that interested customers can visit, also don’t miss out on the smaller socials like Pinterest, LinkedIn to Tumblr, to name a few, post regularly on all of them as well.

4. Product-based businesses use custom labels.

Custom labels are a vital component of the marketing process for product-based businesses. Labels allow people to know what they are buying and how to use the products they purchase.

Labels are also a way that companies can promote themselves by advertising what they sell. A well designed custom label can help you stand out. This is important when it is critical to differentiate from the competition, especially in a saturated market.

5. Offer freebies and discounts to entice new customers.

Offering freebies and discounts are a great way to entice new customers. This strategy will have them coming back for more.

They will see what products you sell, and they will want them now because they do not want to miss out on your deal the next time.

For example, provide a free product or service as an incentive before a specific date expires. For instance, offer a free consultation before their birthday or the last day of their workweek. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness of providing this for them and taking advantage of it because they don’t want to lose out on what you’re giving away for free. So yes, giving stuff away free can hurt, but the benefits will outweigh the short term loss.

The five ways to make your business stand out are marketing techniques that you can implement for free or with minimal cost. There are many different strategies available, and it is up to you to decide which ones they want to use to promote themselves. No matter what strategy you choose, whether it will be working on your website to make it more attractive, will help bring more customers into the fold and convert casual visits into sales by considering how your customer’s brains work at various stages of the purchase process, to having custom labels for your products to help them stand out. Every principle has pros and cons, so weigh them up and apply the ones that fit your business the best. We hope these principles have helped provide some insight as well as valuable information about effective marketing practices! Which method will you implement?

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.