Financial Benefits of Mentally Healthy Workplaces

With all the talk surrounding the importance of caring for our mental health, it’s no surprise that employers and employees are curious about the significance of a mentally healthy workplace. You already know that when you’re not feeling your best, parts of your life will suffer. You don’t feel like taking care of your household chores or have the energy to get much else done.

This can cause you to feel unwell at work. The result is lower productivity and more work-related injuries. It is difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Depression can also affect sleep patterns and appetite. These and other issues can lead to problems on the job that could end up costing businesses a lot of money.

Is Mental Health Really So Common?

Nearly half of American adults have experienced some sort of mental disorder in their lives. These statistics are likely a gross underestimate, as many people are ashamed to admit when they’re having a problem. The statistics also don’t take into account all the everyday stress most people experience.

Hidden costs of a unhealthy work environment

Employees who are mental ill will have higher sick and lost-of-work rates, greater disability claims, and more harassment and bullying complaints. While providing educational resources and programs for employees can be costly, they are a way to save money and avoid potential legal challenges.

Companies that don’t provide proper resources to their employees surrounding such issues as sexual harassment in the workplace have increased instances of days of and lost wages. If you’ve been a victim, contact a sexual harassment attorney Bay Area. The law requires employers to provide safe environments and to take steps to end any conduct that might be dangerous to the employees’ mental or physical well-being.

The benefits of having a mentally healthy work environment

Businesses are driven to increase profits, and a bad work environment will result in financial ruin. A healthy workplace results in lower employee turnover. Employee retention for longer time periods is a cost-saving measure that increases productivity and reduces turnover. People enjoy working in supportive workplaces that are positive.

According to studies, every dollar that is spent in creating a mental healthy work place for employees results in a return on investment. companies will give themselves four dollars in return through increased productivity, less time off, and savings from unnecessary workers’ compensation claims. Healthy workplaces also result in less conflict and complaints, which saves companies money on costly legal fees.

It is a good idea to create a mentally healthy work environment

Not only does the practice of ensuring workers have a stable and healthy working environment save companies money, it’s also ethical. Legally, employers are responsible for providing safety and health care to their employees. Businesses that take care of their employees’ mental well-being are more desirable to the community, and more likely to be successful. 

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