Factors to Consider When Reviewing the Top Ad Networks for Publishers and Bloggers

Are you struggling to associate with the right advertisers to up your digital marketing game? Then, you have reached the right place.

Ad networks are the place affiliates like publishers and bloggers come to find traffic for their ads. According to recent blogging statistics, global bloggers have reported a 93 percent increase in using promotional techniques to drive traffic to their posts, including paid ads.

However, choosing the best ad network suitable and profitable for your website can be challenging, though.

Read more to know some tips and tricks that will help you connect to potential consumers.

What is a Blog Advertising Network?

Bloggers and website publishers spend a lot of time writing, editing, formatting, and designing their blog sites. Hence, they are on the lookout for third-party advertising agencies to monetize their content.

A blog advertising network simplifies identifying and connecting with relevant brands to generate higher ad revenue. The network will collect and store ad inventory from publishers and social media platforms and help them sell it to advertisers.

Types of Pricing Models for Bloggers

Depending on your budget, targeted audience, and requirement, you can choose a suitable advertising model for your website.

CPM: It is known as Cost Per Thousands of Impressions. This model works best for a popular website which gets many page views per month.

CPC: It is known as Cost Per Click. Google AdSense is a popular ad network that offers this model. Bloggers get money every time a visitor clicks on an ad.

CPA: It is known as Cost Per Acquisition. Skilled affiliates use this model. Here, a visitor should sign up for purchase or implement a call to action for you to get a commission.

Fixed-rate: Here, bloggers sell ad space to advertisers for a fixed amount of money.

Benefits of Ad Networks for Publishers and Bloggers


Here are some key advantages of running ad networks on your blog site.

  • Simple monetization technique: Bloggers do not have to waste time and money creating or launching a service on their websites.
  • Sell Ad space privately: Publishers can work directly with companies and select different pricing models for each one.
  • Connect with the right audience: Running ads for relevant users can help you gather traffic to your website. You can track user behavior to analyze their likes and connect with relevant advertisers.
  • A consistent income: While running ads on your blog site may not make you rich overnight, it may still act like a steady income method for a long time.

Tips to Choose the Best Ad Networks for Publishers and Bloggers

Here are a few steps you can follow to find the best ad network for your blog site.

Check the Websites

A reliable ad network’s website offers detailed information about the pricing models, ad formats, traffic quality, customer service, targeting, and optimization techniques.

Check Leading Affiliates and Their Performance

You can connect with best-performing website owners in a blogger’s community and affiliate marketing forums and get ideas to choose top-rated ad networks. These websites have a piece of thorough knowledge about various ad networks and their working procedures.

You can check and compare the associate programs to find a suitable blog advertising network.

Check for Easy Installation and Customer Support

It is advisable to choose the ad network that’s easy to set up and install. It saves your time and energy from choosing suitable advertisers for your blog site and starts earning money rapidly.

Choosing a reliable and efficient ad network company is essential. They give prompt customer support to publishers and answer their queries effectively.

Check for User Interface and Added Features

The best ad network provides a customizable dashboard for users. It has various features like tracking ad performance, ad revenue calculator, report generation based on past performance, and other data analytics tools.

Check the Niche Market of the Ad Network

A well-known ad network company will have experience dealing with multiple advertisers and ad agencies. They will have specialization in selling ad spaces to a particular type of brand or product.

It is essential to find the right associate partner to connect with an advertiser that matches your website portfolio.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, an advertisement commercial is not suitable for the targeted audience living in a specific geographical location. A trustworthy ad network will give you complete control over your ads. You may choose to block or turn off such ads.

It is recommended to choose an ad network that integrates with your ad server to maximize your earnings.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.