Event Promotion: 3 Ideas To Try And 3 Ideas to Avoid

Events are a wonderful way to promote a brand, grow a business, sell products, show off innovation or simply connect with customers or peers. While planning them can be challenging, they are often well worth the work. Events happen in nearly every industry, and for a wide number of reasons. There are several different things organizers can do to help their event succeed.

This could be using American Image to design incredibly unique exhibits, having great food and beverage options, offering entertainment or even giving out free swag bags for attendees. However, in order for an event to truly be deemed a success, it needs to have a fair amount of attendees. As a result, the event promotion process is very important and can be the difference between a successful event, or one that fails.

This blog post is going to cover three event promotion ideas you should try, and three that you should look to avoid.

Event Promotion Ideas to Try

Offer Early Bird Discounts

Everyone loves a discount, and it can really encourage people to make a purchase if they know they are getting a deal. When you first announce your event, it is a good idea to provide an early bird discount. This can help build up the buzz surrounding your event, as well as bump up the number of people attending. Of course, be sure to be very clear about the cut-off date for early bird pricing. Deals like this are very tempting and hard to refuse for many people.

Consider Using Influencers

Influencer marketing is becoming incredibly popular and can be a great way to promote an event. It can lead to a massive ROI, as well as help entice more people to attend. Find some influential individuals that might be interested in attending your event, and partner with them in some capacity to help you spread the word about your event and the benefits that go along with attending.

Create Content

As with any kind of promotion or marketing, creating content is important. This could be video content, infographics, or even written content about the event and the value it will provide. If you have had past events, you could even create a highlight reel of the best moments. Anything you can put out there that can help people learn more about the event and get excited, is beneficial.

Event Promotion Ideas to Avoid

Building Up the Event Too Much

When you are marketing and promoting your event, you want it to seem like a great option for people. However, you also need to be careful. If you build up your event too much while trying to build hype, it can lead to it being a major disappointment if it falls flat. Overpromising and under-delivering is a major problem and could hurt the credibility of your company or events going forward.

Spending a lot of Money

A lot of event organizers think that the more money they spend on the event (and promoting it), the better. They go all out to purchase a ton of expensive materials, food and entertainment. This can have success, but more often than not, it ends up being an expensive mistake. Think less about how much money you are spending on the event, and more about the quality and value the event can provide.

Announcing the Event at the Last Minute

Some event organizers like the idea of announcing the event last-minute in hopes of generating the most buzz possible. While this can work, it generally leads to lower attendance and reduces lead time, as people don’t have time to prepare for the event. You want to give potential attendees ample time to decide whether to come or not, and make the necessary plans.

In conclusion, we hope this article has been able to help you learn a little more about which event promotion ideas to try and which to avoid.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.