Entry-Level Marketing Trends for 2022

The marketing and advertising industry is a dynamic sphere that is constantly evolving to meet new consumer trends and demands. The global pandemic and stay-at-home orders gave digital marketing a significant boost with more customers shopping online for essentials and non-essentials. But, with lockdowns easing off, buyers are now venturing out of their homes to return to old shopping habits. With the possibility of a dip in demand for virtual engagement and digital traffic, marketers must devise new strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Read ahead for some of the most interesting entry level marketing trends for 2022.

Technology Will Aid Smoother Strategies

Technological innovations and advanced applications are taking away tedious tasks, thus freeing up more time for digital marketers to spend on devising new strategies. You might just find cutting-edge techniques that are based on a deeper understanding of what drives their client business growth and attracts traffic and sales. In addition, the trend is also on identifying action plans that have been successful in the past and building on them. Marketing consultants might want to create a balance of tried and tested moves integrated with new programs to continue to maintain their customer base. This move can also ensure that advertising budgets are not stretched too thin.

Facebook/Meta Will Continue to Rule Social Media Marketing

Facebook’s new avatar, Meta is projected to continue to rule the world of social media. The SMM giant takes its name from Metaverse or virtual and augmented experiences. The platform has close to 3 billion users with the figures rising exponentially each month. Digital marketers will continue to tap into this potent advertising channel, with many small businesses using it as their primary virtual storefront. LinkedIn is another platform that is quickly gaining interest.

The Focus is on Faster Websites and Efficient Mobile Interactivity 

As site response and loading times continue to improve, website admins will work on optimizing their digital properties to comply with Google’s upgraded Core Web Vitals, which was first launched in May 28, 2020. More webmasters will dedicate time and resources to learning more about how these ranking factors work and affect site traffic. More importantly, as the world goes mobile, having an interactive website continues to be critical so users can browse and search for products and services on the go. 

User Experience Dictates All Marketing Trends

Algorithms have quickly become the underlying determinant for all digital marketing strategies, such as content marketing, display ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social ads, and social media newsfeeds, to name a few. Marketers recognize that it is critical to understand how users perceive their advertising strategies and if they are compelling enough to encourage sales. User Experience (UX) is the key here, with more site owners working on providing immersive experiences to get customers interested in their products. And, that includes getting past users to talk about how they liked the products they purchased. 

As a digital marketer, these are the entry-level marketing trends for 2022 that you should watch for and use to continue driving traffic to your client websites.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.