Email’s Not Dead: 3 Creative Email Marketing Tips for 2021

Do you currently have an email marketing strategy to promote your business? If you don’t, you should! This is a great marketing strategy for retaining your current customers without breaking your marketing budget. 

Keep reading for some email marketing tips that can improve your marketing efforts in no time. Learn about the email marketing trends that are taking off this year for the best results. 

1. Create Automated Email Campaigns 

Email automation is a great way to reach out to customers without the time or effort. An example of a type of email campaign you can automate is your welcome email. This will allow your new subscribers to automatically receive a welcoming email from you as soon as they sign up to receive your newsletter. 

If you have an eCommerce site, you may consider sending automated emails to notify subscribers of a cart they’ve abandoned on your site. This will generate more leads to your site to help you increase the user’s chances of completing a purchase.

Additionally, you can send an automated “We miss you!” email to customers that haven’t made a purchase with you in a while. Offer them a discount to increase the chances of them making a purchase with you. Tools like ClickSend even allow you to send emails as texts, which earns you a much higher response rate. After all, we are all always glued to our phones! Track the results on your automated emails to see what tactics are working and what areas need improvement. 

2. Segment Your Subscribers  

A great way to make sure your emails are getting to the right people at the right time is to segment your subscribers. This allows you to send your emails out to more target groups by separating your subscribers into smaller email lists based on certain factors. This allows you to send more relevant or personalized content to certain subscribers. 

You can segment your subscribers by factors like purchase history, interests, or customer behavior. You can even segment your email list by using demographics such as geographic location. This leads to a higher open rate that will increase your chances of generating leads back to your site. 

3. Make It Personal 

One of the top marketing trends we are seeing this year when it comes to cold email outreach is personalization, and you can definitely take advantage of this strategy when creating your email campaigns. A personalized email is much more likely to resonate with a subscriber than a generic message. Use your subscriber’s data to determine factors such as their interest, past purchases, and location, which you may already have determined if you choose to segment your lists. 

This allows you to stand out in your subscriber’s crowded inbox. Personalize your email content from the subject line to the internal content for the best results. For more advice, head to these email marketing tips from experts. 

Email Marketing Tips and 2021 Trends

Whether you are newly creating an email marketing strategy or are trying to improve yours this year, keep these email marketing tips in mind for the best results. Email marketing isn’t dead, and it offers a great ROI, so make sure you’re taking advantage of it this year. 

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