Factors to Consider when Choosing a Sales Enablement Platform

These days, more and more companies are taking advantage of the benefits provided by sales enablement platforms. These platforms can provide significant boosts to your greater sales strategy.

However, you can’t just compare different sales enablement platforms directly against one another. You might miss something important you need in the process. Instead, it’s a better idea to look for specific factors when picking a sales enablement platform. Let’s break those down now.

Ease of Use

As seen in this comparison of Seismic, Highspot, Showpad and Bigtincan, good sales enablement platforms will be easy to use so all of your employees can make the most of it. This may be especially true if your industry company has to take some time to fully adopt this technology.

A good sales enablement platform’s more complex features should be easy to use by all of your employees after a few training sessions.


Similarly, pick sales enablement platforms that are accessible anywhere your sales staff may need to use them, whether that’s at headquarters, in a retail store, or even at a client’s location. The more available a sales engagement platform is, the more your staff is likely to use it and take advantage of its many benefits.

CRM Integration

If your business is B2B-focused, your sales team must have a sales engagement platform with CRM integration. Double-check to make sure that any platform you want to try has tools that integrate easily into your existing CRM platforms.

Available Sales Tools

Speaking of sales tools, try to find platforms that offer next-generation assets for your team to learn and utilize. For instance, a sales enablement solution for your business ought to have:

  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • interactive selling tools
  • ROI calculators
  • Sales Asset Management (SAM) tools
  • and more

Since there are so many sales enablement platforms available, don’t stick with something that only has bare-bones tools for your team.

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Reporting and Analytics

Your sales and marketing teams will require lots of data in order to align their objectives and efforts. To that end, any worthwhile sales enablement platform should have statistics and analytics tools built into its toolkit. The more data you record, the easier it’ll be for your marketers to learn what people are buying, and the easier it’ll be for your sellers to sell what your marketing team creates or pushes.


Lastly, consider only sales engagement tools that come with mobile applications. These days, mobile use is far beyond desktop computer usage, and your sales staff is likely part of this trend. If the sales engagement platform you choose is mobile, your staff can sell anywhere, anytime, as well as benefit from educational and training tools that may come built into the platform.

Ultimately, a sales engagement platform will only be of maximum use to your organization if you choose one that fits your needs. Be sure to find something that includes all of these aspects to get your money’s worth and see immediate results from your sales team.

Fabrizio VanMarcino

Fabrizio Van Marciano is a self-taught web designer, front-end web developer, and content creator. He is the founder of FVM.