Effective Ways to Make Your Office Feel Cozier

With the way we work changing in the modern world, many of us find ourselves working more and more from home. This is especially true in these difficult times due to the Coronavirus which has led to social distancing and hence large office closures. People are either finding themselves out of work or at home. Often this change can be difficult to adapt to, so by making your office cozier not only will you feel better in yourself, but you will also find that your productivity will increase no end. Here we will take a look at the most effective ways of making your office cozier.


Who doesn’t like the beautiful colors and scents that plants and flowers can bring to your house? They allow you to connect with the outside world and will also perfume the air around you. If you are lacking inspiration they can also provide a release and can transport you to another world, where ideas may flow. They don’t even have to be live plants, dried flowers can provide just as large an array of smells and colors, and if you live by the coast why not adorn your office with pebbles or seashells from the beach. Surround yourself with nature and creativity will flow!


No one wants to sit in an office staring at brick or plaster walls, a white ceiling, and with a squeaky distracting floor, so why not add some personality to the office? Bring some bold and vivid colours to give you that sense of warmth and well being. Dress your desk with photos of loved ones or your favourite pet. Add some postcards from your last holiday to motivate you into achieving the same this year. You are looking to bring a smile to your face and to relive those cherished memories. If you need extra motivation create a picture wall containing images, slogans or pictures that represent what you want to achieve in life. Turn your office into a second home!


There is nothing worse than setting down to a day’s work in the depths of winter and you find yourself shivering, and the same applies in the middle of summer when it is both 40 degrees outside and in. The simple solution here is to make sure your office is well insulated as this will protect you in all seasons. Speak to professionals from https://oceansevenroofing.com/ and they will advise you how to make your office as homely as can be. You will find that you start to look forward to going to work in the mornings, not only because you are far more cozy, but because you know that you are saving those pennies on the electricity bill. It’s a win-win situation!


Numerous studies have shown the effect that light can have on both our mental and physical wellbeing. Too bright and our eyes will start to hurt, our brains get sore, and headaches ensue. Too dark and we will strain our eyes and tiredness and lethargy can set in. Poor lighting can also affect our personalities, productivity and even our hormonal imbalances. If you can, use natural light to your advantage by placing your desk in front of a window. If this isn’t possible, show off your personality by introducing quirky and interesting light features, to brighten up your office, even on a dull and dreary day. 


Nourishment can come in many forms from a steaming cup of tea, to some calm, soothing background music. The last thing you need in your office is the distraction of constantly popping to the kitchen to make another cup of tea, so ensure that you have a small fridge stocked with milk and a kettle to hand. Create a healthy snack bar for that quick bowl of cereal or a mid-morning apple. Water is as key to keeping the mind hydrated as it is the body, so keep a bottle nearby and a chilled stock in the fridge. Finally, you may want some music to provide help with added concentration or inspiration. Make sure you have everything on hand to nourish the body and soul and your office will become your happy, productive space. 

As we have seen there are many techniques you can use to make your office as cozy as possible, with the ultimate goal being that you look forward to heading for a day’s work, full of motivation knowing that you will be comfortable and set for a productive day ahead. Equally important is that calm and tranquil feeling at the end of the day, knowing that you have given it your all, yet your mind is at peace. The key is adding warmth and personality, by tapping into nature and filling the space with colors, photos, motivational slogans, and memories that make you happy. You will feel much cozier and will find yourself mentally in a much better place, all set for  tomorrow with gusto!


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.