Drone Footage And Photography Can Benefit A Variety Of Businesses

Advances in technology have allowed many different types of businesses to reap great benefits. One of the most diverse and popular right now is drone photography and video footage. Drones are lightweight, unmanned craft that carries a powerful camera that is remote controlled. Companies are currently offering their services to help with all types of task across many markets.

Real Estate

One of the markets to benefit most from the advances in drone photography and video footage is real estate. Before drones came into play, large real estate development companies had to hire planes and helicopters to fly over areas of interest to help make wise business investments based on topography, flood plains, on site resources, and other factors that are more readily determined from images taken from above. Aerial 3D land mapping can also benefit related fields such as large residential real estate brokers who have plenty of substantial estates and private investors who want to make informed decisions about potentially beneficial purchases of land.


Goverment entities of all sizes routinely benefit from using drones to chart data and create maps of areas within a jurisdiction. Additionally, they are also handy for investigating, via aerial l video and photography, damages resulting from natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados. The drones can reach areas to take video and photos that would otherwise be impossible after such an event. This give officials and work crews accurate information about possible obstacles, areas needing emergency attention, and any dangers first responders may face in a disaster area.

Extreme Sports Outfits

It is known that drones are great tools for parks and recreation departments, and in that same spirit, they are also useful for adventure seeking sports companies that offer activities such as bungee jumping, sky diving, hand gliding, and rock climbing. The drones can help capture both the client’s time spent doing the activity, and can also help the tour guides to navigate and discover any obstacles and dangers. This can also help map out any new potential areas the company may wish to use to expand their services area. Even some more common sports such as skiing and surfing use drones to capture footage that would otherwise be impossible to capture clearly and from ideal angles.

There are many businesses across a wide expanse of industries that can benefit from drone footage. What is surprising is that many companies that are in fields unrelated to the aforementioned can also see occasional benefits from using a drone footage company. The key to obtaining quality footage and photos is to use an established company that has top of the line equipment and highly trained and experienced operators. Not all drone types are the same, and the outcome of the footage not only relies on the camera, but the drone operator’s experiences and abilities.


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