Do Business Cards Still Matter in 2021?

We have seen the digital revolution unfolding to a greater-than-ever extent in the past few years. Many businesses have opted for digital solutions and have flown along with the digital trend. 

Some firms have switched completely to the digital medium of operations and not to omnichannel means. 

This digital transformation has rendered many yesteryear business practices useless. Many people are perplexed with questions like whether traditional business practices like using business cards will prevail in the coming years or not. 

Well, to answer this question in short, it definitely will. Yet, it is important to know why such analogue business aspects matter so much in 2021. We shall plunge deeper into the realms of the science of business cards

Why do business cards still matter in 2021?

Below are some points that will help you understand why they matter despite a business’s remote operation.

1- It works in parallel with the online medium

One of the most oft-ignored aspects of digital transformation is that while the digital method works virtually, the traditional, analogue marketing method works in the immediate market. 

Even though you have a team of marketing agents working on making newer posts, vlogs, pictorials and so on, you still will need a business card while interacting with your prospects. You can call it a sensible way of initiating a purposeful interaction with your client.

2- It is a sign of your devotion to your business

We all know how competitive the market has become. Many firms have reached some of the most impregnable places and have covered the market’s uncharted places. 

Although nearly every aspect of a business deal is covered over the phone and online, the client has to visit for performing audits, seeing the site and a lot more. You need to be presentable. The least you can carry is a business card during your meet-up with the client. 

A business card is more detailed than a visiting card and contains more data than the company name and contact details. It can be a better method of connecting with the client. 

3- It is a formal way of marketing

Marketing is more of a general term. There are several approaches to it. Many of these methods are regarded as informal and unsolicited. It is, needless to say, less effective than a solicited means of marketing. 

Presenting a business card is something you do to people whom you find valuable and are likely to respond positively to you. It can help you judge their response and help you work on your method of interaction, skills and approach. You can also get feedback on products immediately. 

Therefore, the business card is a formal, solicited method making business interactions and having a proportionally high response rate.


With this, I conclude that business cards are an integral part of any business marketing and client interaction. It is a physical representation of your brand’s values and ideologies. It will also help you interact with your potential customers in your immediate market.

Drew Neisser