How One Can Change Energy Supplier For Business?

It is important to compare offers before changing suppliers. You do not need to change the meter when switching providers.

When you want to change supplier, before subscribing to a new contract, compare the different offers between them. For a more adequate comparison, consult a qualified agency to advise you on that:

  • When your consumption exceeds a certain ceiling or if you have several sites, suppliers can offer tailor-made offers. Consult an agency and contact them for personalized offers.
  • To help you in your choice, consult your agency for directives and read carefully the contract which is proposed to you concerning the prices and their evolution, and also the duration of engagement and the expenses of cancellation during contract.



If you leave the regulated tariffs, depending on situation, you can come back to it or not.

  • If you have multiple sites or locations, you can choose to change suppliers and/or type of contracts for all or part of your facilities. Then, subscribe a contract with the supplier you chose.
  • After comparing the offers, if you decide to change supplier, enter into a contract with the new supplier by sending him the PDL number (“delivery point”) for an electricity contract and the PCE number (“metering point-estimate”) for a gas contract. These numbers are on your bills. Then agree with him on a date of change of supplier or a deadline, which will be specified later.
  • If you can, take the numbers from your meter and send those self-raised indexes to your new provider.

Depending on your situation, the steps to take with the supplier may be are different:

  • If you are in a regulated price contract and decides to take out a contract offer, you have no other steps to take once the contract has been concluded with your new supplier. Your new supplier is responsible for requesting the cancellation of your old contract with your former supplier.



Compare business energy with Simply Switch with no notice period nor penalty can be applied to you when you leave a contract at the regulated tariff, whatever the general and special conditions of sale to which you have subscribed.

  • If you already in contract under market conditions, you must refer to your contract to know the modalities of change of supplier. Generally, the change of supplier can be made on the anniversary date off the contract, respecting the notice period. Otherwise, a cancellation fee, which can be of a high amount, can be applied.

Until the change of supplier date, your current supplier continues to charge you the energy consumed. Power continuity is guaranteed by the distribution system operator, who is responsible for delivering the power, regardless of the supplier.

You do not risk any power cuts or gas related to the change of supplier. To know more, consult the file: the actors of the market.



Which Meter Reading Will Be Taken Into Account For The Change Of Supplier?

If you have sent the index you read on your meter to your new supplier, it will be taken into account by the electricity/gas distribution system operator to calculate the estimated index at the date of the effective change of supplier.

The distribution network operator calculates an estimated index on the date of the actual change of provider. It passes it on to your old supplier and my new supplier:

  • Your former supplier uses it as end of period index to establish the cancellation invoice,
  • Your new supplier uses it as the start of period index to establish the first bill of consumption.

I can also ask my new supplier for a special meter reading from a technician. You need to check with my provider for the price of this service.

Do You Need One Or Two Suppliers If You Consume Electricity And Gas?

If you consume electricity and natural gas, you can have:

  • Two suppliers: One for electricity and another for natural gas,
  • The same supplier for electricity and natural gas.

If you have two suppliers today, you do not have to opt for one of them as “sole supplier”. It’s up to you to decide. To choose a single supplier from one of your two current suppliers is to change supplier for gas or electricity (depending on the chosen supplier).



In general, if a supplier offers you a global electricity and natural gas offer, it is important to ask him:

  • To detail the price of electricity on the one hand, and gas on the other hand,
  • Compare these offers with other existing offers.

Is The Change Of Supplier Irreversible?

No, you still have the freedom to change provider again, when you want to, including returning to a supplier you had previously left. In some cases, a cancellation fee may apply.

If you leave an offer to supply electricity at the regulated rate and/or an offer to supply natural gas at the regulated rate, you could, under certain conditions, return to the same rate thereafter.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.