How To Certify Your Emotional Support Animal

Emotional support animal (ESA) registration is the process of certifying that your animal is more than a pet. While many don’t see the use in an ESA, others can’t live a day without their companion. An ESA gives constant support to their owner. Some people rely on friends, families, and physicians to help them with their emotional issues. However, not everyone finds this type of support useful. This is where an ESA shines, as they provide the owner with a constant form of relief.

How to Fill Out ESA Registration

Filling out an ESA registration form is very easy to do. It’s a straightforward process that only requires a minimal amount of information. The first method is by finding an online website that can provide a pet with authorization. All information requested must be accurate and can be obtained by anyone. The information needed is a diagnosis from your doctor, the name of the animal, a picture, and some personal information regarding the pet.

How long does ESA registration take?

Registration times vary depending on what company or website is used to register the pet. There are various services online, some of which provide quick and prompt delivery times while others tend to take weeks or months. When it comes to registering a pet as an emotional support animal, just know that it may take time. However, it should never be longer than two weeks.

The reason why this process takes so long is that the company must verify that all the information that was provided is correct. If there is a lack of information, the applicant will be contacted and be asked to provide extra information. If one can’t provide the information needed, then there is a chance that their application will get rejected. Having a dog can remove your anxiety though, so it’s totally worth it.

Certificates & Documentation

The waiting process will vary, but most ESA teams work to get the application back to applicants as fast as possible. Anyone who plans to travel, fly, or take their dog overseas will need proper documentation. By getting certified, the animal can then travel with its owner on the plane or other public transportation. This reassures the owner and can help them feel calmer throughout the trip.

The ESA Kit

The very last part of getting verified is owning documentation and certification that can be shown to management and officials that the ESA is legitimate. All animals receive a vest, collar, and identification card that can help verify their qualifications. This enables the owner to notify people around them that their dog is certified and can’t be denied access to the property.

Professionals recommend that anyone who suffers from traumatic events, psychological disorders, or emotional illness should register a support animal to help control them when they get triggered. It is best to have an animal you love and trust by your side during these times. Ultimately, your ESA will be highly beneficial throughout the day and will help calm you down or even keep you stable until professional help arrives.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.