Get More Done By Taking Business Meetings Out of the Office

If you dread weekly Monday morning meetings, or meetings in general, then you should know that there are other options besides the standard boardroom or conference room that will make those long meetings much more pleasurable.

As any good employer knows, when your employees are enjoying themselves they are much more likely to be productive, focused and committed.  Even if you are already taking your employers out to lunch, there are far more creative ideas that your team is guaranteed to enjoy far more than their regular order of sushi.

Check out these out-of-the-box options:

Up in the Air

Some companies are taking employees for a ride high in the sky – on a helicopter. This adrenaline pumping activity is sure to catch everyone’s attention. It is the perfect location for an intimate meeting when you don’t want anyone eavesdropping on the conversation.

One company even reported renting a helicopter to host a meeting in which a lucrative contract was going to be signed. As the contract would be signed off shore the company was able to save significantly on taxes by singing an offshore contract – savings that far outweighed the cost of the helicopter.

This option, however, should definitely be avoided if anyone has a fear of heights or gets airsick!

In a Museum

First of all, there are so many options – from art, natural history, science, vintage cars to toys. You are sure to find something interesting in your area that will give your employees not only a much needed break from the office but a chance to learn something new. Stimulating the brain with new information is a great way to get your staff in tip top form to be productive. Try going on a short organized tour of the museum and afterwards find a cozy place (book ahead if needed) to sit down and get down to business. Alternative, informally stroll through the exhibits and talk while you walk.

Out at Sea

Finding a venue when you need to hold a series of longer meetings over several days is not always easy. Usually the venues are cookie cutter and not very interesting. For something fresh, it’s good to know that the number of business passengers embarking on cruises – not for pleasure but for meetings and work events – is steadily rising as companies discover the advantages of hosting meetings out at sea.

The sparkling water, open sky and endless horizon allow passengers on deck to deeply relax, in turning helping them to become more creative, receptive to considering new ideas and open to exploring new directions. Another advantage is that a ship offers an all-inclusive environment that appeals to a wide variety of personalities, perfect for meetings and getaways catering to a larger group of people with varied interests.

If a cruise isn’t in the cards, a shorter sea excursion is also an excellent option for meetings. For about 74 million Americans their recreational activity of choice is boating, so it makes sense to offer a meeting venue and activity that puts lots of people in a good mood – a good recipe for doing business.

Whenever leaving the confines of the office, it is important that safety and caution are not left to the wind. For example, boating fatalities are significantly reduced when the boat operator is certified, according to George T. Bochanis Law Offices. So by all means let the professionals steer the ship while you take the helm of the meeting.



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