Boiler 101: Important Things You Need To Know About Temporary Boilers

The large-scale boiler systems are widely used in commercial, industrial, and residential areas as it is known to be an efficient source of heat that either produces heated water or electricity to power up the structure. But, while most of these buildings rely on large-scale boilers, they seem to have forgotten the potential shutdown may happen due to some factors such as overheating and damaged machine parts. 

With that said, even if you own and use one of the efficient boiler systems in the market today, you must always be prepared for possible shutdowns and emergencies. And if the time comes, renting a temporary boiler system will be the solution to your problem. Thus, below are some of the essential things you need to know about the temporary boiler before renting one. 

What is a Temporary Boiler?

In a nutshell, a temporary boiler is a short-term used machine used to substitute the broken large-scale boiler system temporarily. It’s a boiler heating system that is typically used in commercial, industrial, and residential structures for several days or months. Further, in order for this machine to work, it’s fueled by natural gas, propane, or fuel oil. 

Moreover, the temporary boiler is built into shipping containers or portable platforms so that when someone needs it, the transportation of the machine is hassle-free. Meanwhile, large facilities and commercial establishments seek boiler rentals to rent temporary boilers that will serve as a backup to their main machine if system failure happens, which would affect their production and business. 

Since temporary boilers are already packed, it’s very useful when disasters or natural calamities affect electricity. Evacuation sites will have a power source making the lives of every evacuee easy amid the situation. Besides, it’s a machine that can be used anytime and anywhere, and the best option when immediate heating needs are required. 

What are the Uses of a Temporary Boiler?

Rent a Boiler When Your Main Boiler Has an Ongoing Maintenance

Taking your main boiler for its regular maintenance while you still need it during production can cause problems and delays. Besides, having a foolproof plan for the production duration does not guarantee success because inevitable things could happen. That’s why while your primary boiler is under maintenance, renting a temporary one will save you from distress. 

Immediate Replacement for Broken Boiler

If the water heater in your house or primary boiler in your establishment breaks down, the best action you should do is to rent a temporary boiler. It’s an efficient heating option solution while waiting for the primary boiler. If your boiler is already aged, it will most likely shut down any minute if it is constantly used. 

Temporary Boiler in Establishments and During Emergencies

Temporary boilers are a practical solution for businesses and efficient support during emergencies. 

What are the Types of Rental Boilers?

The rental boiler industry has been resolving long-term and short-term heating needs emergencies. In fact, there are high-quality and efficient temporary boiler machines that you can rent today, from small-scale residential boilers to larger-scale commercial and industrial boilers. More than that, renting one is as easy as counting one, two, and three because it’s already assembled. Thus, enumerated below are the two common types of rental boilers. 

Package Boiler

A package boiler, known as an industrial boiler, is a self-contained boiler system with burners powered by oil or gas. It’s a type of rental boiler suitable for bigger industrial facilities, large-scale commercial establishments, and populous residential buildings because of its high-powered performance. Furthermore, because of its sleek and compact design, it can easily fit into tight spaces and immediately addresses power and heat problems. 

Trailer Mounted

If you need an outdoor-use rental boiler system, a trailer-mounted boiler is what you’re looking for. It’s specifically designed to function outdoors entirely under the heat of the sun and rain.  Since the machine is mounted on top of a trailer, transporting this equipment from place to place is easy.

The Laws and Permits

You Must Apply for a Permit

In case you’ll have heating and power emergencies and renting a temporary boiler system is the only last resort to your problem, remember that you need to apply for a permit to operate. However, sometimes, some states do not require and ask for a license. That’s why knowing if your state has a law about it is essential. 

Also, since the equipment emits smoke, observing and following the state’s laws and guidelines about clean air protection is vital. It will ensure that the boiler you used won’t immensely affect the air that people breathe and the environment around, 

Provide Length of Operation

In every state, they have their own laws and guidelines for temporary boiler systems. Usually, they give an approximate 180 days to utilize the rented boiler. If you need to extend the boiler system’s operation while still waiting for a new one, you should know the steps on how to apply for an extension. 


Indeed, a rental boiler system is a machine that sustains and supports industrial, commercial, and residential structures whenever unexpected power outage and heating problems occur. 

Although renting a boiler system is easy, there are still important guidelines that you need to follow. Since most of them are smoke-emitting machines, the state provides strict laws about boiler operations as it emits smoke that can be harmful to everything around it if not properly regulated.

Annika Bansal

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