Seven Examples of Professional Out of Office Message Autoresponder

When you need to step away from the office and won’t be in touch with your email correspondents, or if you are going on vacation and don’t plan on checking your email messages very often, you’ll probably want to create an out-of-office/email autoresponder email message to let your colleagues, friends, clients, and family know that you are currently unavailable but will be back soon. Having an out of office message is especially important if you have put a lot of effort into building an email list and possibly a drip campaign. Such users would expect you to be prompt with communications, so whenever you’re not in the office, make sure you keep your subscribers in the loop

This is the polite and the professional thing to do. Not only that, but having an out of office message becomes essential if you are engaged in an email marketing campaign where the personal touch and ready response are paramount, along with vpn protection according to VPNFinder. An auto-response is so commonplace nowadays that most people take them for granted, and expect them. This auto responder feature is also available in G Suite where most of the individuals can make use of it. Now-a-days, G Suite is ruling the business sector with its wonderful features and also budget friendly methods with various offers on G Suite. Before going to set the responder mails, check for the below templates for professional emails.

Senga Engineering, a machine shop specialized in CNC precision machining, is an expert in sending professional out of office autoresponder email messages. In this article, you will learn how to do the same.

What are autoresponder email messages?

There are some basic things that a professional and informative auto-response email message should contain; otherwise they are just confusing dither that waste your time and time of your correspondents. A good auto-response should always include:

The length of time you will be gone, unless it’s for less than 24 hours.

Provide a contact person, in case those trying to reach you have urgent business they need to transact immediately.

When you will be back. This is something many people always forget to include — it makes it hard for others to reach you, or for you to reach them, in a timely manner.

An auto-response message is normally not an excuse for too much humor or sarcasm. That is because it is automatic (a little like when you buy instagram likes) — it will not only go to your intimate friends, who might appreciate a gross joke, but to clients and professionals, who neither understand nor appreciate scatalogical or insulting references. Since you’re not there to respond to the inquiring party, the least you can do is be concise and courteous in your autoreply,” says Igor Kholkin, founder of Los Angeles SEO agency Avidon Marketing Group. So make sure your auto-response email messages are always phrased in the highest professional manner, giving brief but full information on who to contact while you’re gone and when exactly you’ll be back in touch. 

The Kind of Messages You Shouldn’t Send:

Business communications—even when you are away from the office should be professional. Here is what you shouldn’t send….

“I am currently out of the office and probably out-of-my-mind drunk.   Enjoy your workweek”

—-> Yikes!

The individual that created this out of office email message clearly needs some email etiquette training or read books on effective business communication.

7 Professional Out of Office Autoresponder Email Messages

If you can’t seem to write one yourself, here are seven free templates to choose from, originally produced at this source:

Example 1:  

[Your Greeting] Thank you for your email. Your message is important  to (Us/Me) and (I/We) will respond as soon as possible.

[Your Name]

Example 2:

[Your Greeting]

I will be out of the office from (Starting date) until (End date).
If you need immediate assistance please contact (Contact Person).

Respectful Regards,
[Your Name]

Example 3:

[Your Greeting]

I will be out of the office starting (Starting Date) through (End Date) returning(Date of Return).

If you need immediate assistance during my absence, please contact (Contacts Name) at (Contacts Email Address). Otherwise I will respond to your emails as soon as possible upon my return.

Kindest Regards,
[Your Name]

Example 4:

[Your Greeting]

I will be away from (Date) until (Return Date). For urgent matters, you can contact (Contact Person).

With Regards,
[Your Name]

Example 5:

[Your Greeting] I will be out of the office this week. If you need immediate assistance while I’m away, please email (Contact Email Address).

[Your Name]

Example 6:

[Your Greeting] Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office, with no email access. I will be returning on (Date of Return).

If you need immediate assistance before then, you may reach me at my mobile – (Mobile Number).

[Your Name]

Example 7:

[Your Greeting] Thanks for the email!. I’m currently out of my office and will be back at (Date of Return). I will have very limited or no access to my email.

For immediate assistance please contact me on my cell phone at (your cell phone number).

Kind Regards,
[Your Name]

Instructions for Setting up Autoresponder Email Messages using 4 of the Most Popular Email Clients

  • Microsoft Outlook – Out of Office” notification instructions
  • Gmail  – instructions for setting up an autoresponder with Gmail
  • Yahoo Mail  – instructions for setting up an autoresponder with Yahoo Mail
  • Outlook.com – instructions for setting up their autoresponder  with Outlook.com

Dressing up Your Email Communications..While You’re Away

While you’re away on vacation, you don’t have to use the standard and boring out of office templates.

One of the best small business resources that you can use to dress up your out of office communications is Wisestamp for Business….and in a matter of minutes.

With Wisestamp, you can easily turn your out out of office emails into a marketing asset.

Here’s what you will need to do: 

1.   Create your email signature with Wisestamp .  Here is a step by step guide that you can use to do so.

2.   After you have created your email signature, Hit Control + A to copy it.

3.   Head over to your vacation message template, and Hit Control + C to paste your signature into your out of office notification.  

This way, when someone contacts you while you’re on vacay, they can still:

  • Check out your social media profiles and networks
  • Check out a recent blog post that you have written
  • Download a freebie or incentive that you are giving away (granted that you add a link to your email signature in Wisestamp)

Here’s an example of one that I created in Gmail:

Branded Out Of Office Notification Example

Branded Out Of Office Notification Example

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing.


What about trying GetResponse? On their official website (http://www.getresponse.com) you can find free trial version of this email marketing software. Maybe it wil be a good solution for you?


useful. thank you Chic geek or geek chic 🙂

Simon Wüthrich

Good collection, thanks for sharing. I like smart little extras in autoresponders that add some extra value and help you promote content that’s important to you. Here’s a neat example: https://twitter.com/siwue/status/618075331350654976

Scott Rehnquist

Thank you for your email. I’m out of the office and will be back April 1st. During this period I will have no access to my email.

For immediate assistance please contact me on my cell phone at 708-612-0104. For all other, please contact Tom Pienkos or Jose Pacheco.
Best Regards
Scott Rehnquist

Richard DePriest

Thank you for providing these templates! Especially the being out drunk for the day! (Kidding). So now that you know I truly appreciate them, I need to let you know that 5 of the 7 had grammatical or formatting issues. Little things like commas or spaces – but if you promote them as professional, you should make them professional.

I do not want to appear as a troll – but I couldn’t find a way to contact you in private.

Thank you…

Rahul Sharma

It is not generally a great idea to leave emails and mobile phone number in your auto-reply for IS purposes. So some examples above are screaming for shortening. Most likely the partners you’re working with already have your contacts, and anybody in your Company has an access to this information otherwise.


I don’t agree with saying “for immediate assistance please contact xxxx”. What if that person isn’t available immediately? What if they are at lunch or on another call? Best to say, during my absence, please contact xxxx or for urgent inquiries, please contact xxxx.

Roofers in Arvada

I agree! Teams and select Set status message. Select Schedule out of office at the bottom of the options. From the screen that appears, turn on the toggle next to Turn on automatic replies. Type an out of office message in the text box.

Jeff Carbine

I never knew that having an out-of-office message is especially important if you have put a lot of effort into building an email list and possibly a drip campaign. I really didn’t think of this not until you said it. Thank you for the information about the business.


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