Best Ways to Enhance Engagement with Digital Signage and Wayfinding Solutions

Digital signage has a beautiful way of keeping people informed and engaged. It’s great for business owners, managers, tenants and employees, providing real-time information that can be tailored to each user group.

However, while digital signage is an effective tool for directing people where they need to go or keeping them informed of daily updates in the workplace, it’s useless without audience engagement.

Aside from giving your audience content that truly interests them, there are some easy ways you can hone your audience engagement by finding effective digital signage and wayfinding services.

Be Creative

You’ll want to come up with different ideas so you don’t bore your audiences. Maybe do one thing during the morning hours and something else during lunchtime? Or pick up on special occasions like anniversaries and holidays. The possibilities are endless.

Be Responsive to Audience Needs

Digital signage is a two-way street: it gives information and gathers feedback from your audience. You can incorporate surveys or polls into your daily content to know what your audiences want and need to see more of. Don’t forget about their interests; give them something they’ll be excited to read and watch.

Listen to the Experts

There is a lot of information available to help you provide better content for your audiences and get the most out of your digital signage solutions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to experts or follow their lead when curating your content. Hire the best signage and wayfinding services for lasting solutions.

Offer Special Incentives

People respond well when they’re rewarded for participating. Offering a VIP card that provides a free meal after ten visits, for example, will encourage people to spend more time in one area and give you great insight into their preferences.

You could also offer discounts on products or services that your audiences might enjoy in the future if they like what they see during these initial engagement efforts. It’s all about getting them involved.

A word of caution – Don’t get too overzealous with your audience engagement; don’t bombard them with constant questions or surveys every time you update the signs (or overload them with information, period). Keep it interesting but grounded.

Create a Schedule

Just like you’ll want to give your audiences something new now and then, you also don’t want to bore them with the same message over and over again. To keep things fresh, create a schedule that outlines what you’re going to share on which screens throughout the week.

Schedule events around different days of the week or months of the year. Ensure you send out the broadcast alerts ahead of time, so your employees and customers can get excited about what’s planned.

Digital signage is a tool for your audiences to stay informed and get important updates from you in real-time. The more they engage with your signs, the better you can tailor content that meets their individual needs and preferences!

Five Reasons to Choose Digital Signage and Wayfinding Services

To help get you started on the right foot, here are five compelling reasons why your company should invest in digital signage and wayfinding services.

1. Reduce Paper Usage By 95%

Yes! Digital signs can cut down paper waste by over ninety-five per cent. Think of all the things your employees print out every day that could be replaced with just one simple screen.

Your office will see an incredible reduction in paper usage from newsletters to conference materials, employee manuals to legal forms. Not only will this save time for everyone involved (no more printing, scanning or distributing), but also your company will save a lot of money on paper costs.

2. Build Employee Morale with Daily Updates

The brand ambassadors for your business are your employees. They likely spend more time in the office than anyone else engaged with customers and clients every day, so it only makes sense to keep them up-to-date with important information concerning their company.

Consider setting up digital signs that feature an internal bulletin board where managers can post news, announcements, job opportunities, etc. This not only helps build communication between employees and management, but positive news can help motivate workers during tough times too.

3. Enhance Communication Skills by Encouraging Group Engagement   

Sometimes it’s difficult to get everyone involved in an office conversation, even if only one person is rightfully concerned (or guilty) about something. Digital signage can bridge the gap and get everyone focused on a collaborative effort faster by breaking down barriers and cutting out the middleman.

4. Improve Productivity

People are more effective when they’re focused and engaged in what they’re doing; by bringing together like-minded people (business employees!), you’ll be able to produce more robust results for your business while communicating goals and targets with the entire team.

5. Boost Sales

Good content gets noticed; it’s that simple. Your signs will feature timely information such as promotional deals, new items, daily specials, holiday promotions, etc., which helps improve engagement and increases brand awareness.

As your audience checks in for information via their smart devices, they’re also engaging with your brand. If you can boost sales while lowering paper usage, then that’s a pretty clear win–win right there.

Your customers are constantly connected to businesses through social media and smart devices; digital signage helps ensure your company is too. The moment people check-in, you should feature service updates, current events, weather alerts or any other important notice that might benefit them immediately or provide value long after they’ve left the area. Digital signage works best when it gets results.

The ultimate goal of this technology is to engage people on a deeper level by bringing together information from various mediums (print, email, mobile, etc.) and uniting it on a single platform. Digital signage and wayfinding services help you accomplish this goal by combining the power of real-time multimedia updates with your existing best electronic message center and electronic systems, so everyone stays up to date, informed and focused on business goals.

From new hires to seasoned veterans, digital signage can improve collaboration and communication across any office; it’s time to make yours more efficient using the power of smart technology.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.