Best Medical Alert Devices You Should Consider in 2021

Are you afraid of falling or having a health emergency that leaves you in need of assistance when you’re all alone? 

Medical alert systems can put your mind at ease as they connect you to an operator who can call the emergency services or contact a friend or family member on your behalf. And all you have to do is push a button to activate it.

You can easily find options based on landline, cellular, and GPS connections. Some of these also have added functionalities such as sending reminders for users to take their medicines on time and recording their vital signs. These alert systems have found their applications in assisted senior facilities and memory care services.

Please continue reading to learn about the many types of medical alert systems available and their prices. 

  • WellBe Medical Alert Plus

Price: $199.95 

Subscription: $44.95 per month

The WellBe Medical Alert Plus system is worth looking into because it provides at-home and on-the-go emergency monitoring. Additionally, it comes with a voice-activated smart speaker that acts as a virtual health assistant along with alerts for medication, appointments, and prescription refills. 

WellBe outperforms its competitors by including a multi-function smart speaker and smartwatch, GPS tracking, a mobile app, and plenty of other caregiver features. However, it is on the pricier side and lacks the function of fall detection.

  • Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert

Price: Free Equipment Use

Subscription: Starting from $21.95 per month

In comparison to its competitors, Bay Alarm Medical offers the best overall value. It provides excellent customer service, fair and transparent pricing, equipment reliability, and quick response times. If ease of use is a feature you prioritize in medical alert systems, you’ll like this one because it is easy to set up and quite user-friendly. 

Bay Alarm also offers a long-range help pendant if bracelets aren’t your thing. 

The only issue is that if you want your spouse in on the plan, getting an additional pendant will cost you more, and the reset button on these things is tiny. 

  • Aloe Care Health

Price: $149.99

Subscription: Starting at $29.99 per month

The Essentials bundle from Aloe Care Health is one of the finest medical alert systems on the market. Its 4G cellular smart hub connects you to a 24/7 response center using your voice or the built-in button, but it also monitors air quality, motion, and the room temperature around you. Moreover, it allows you to communicate with family members and caretakers even if you don’t have your mobile phone nearby.

The Aloe Care Healthy system is very easy to install and comes with a helpful caregiver app to guide you along. Medical services, on the other hand, are not available as an add-on.

  • Lively Mobile Plus

Price: $49.99

Subscription: Starting from $19.99 per month

The Lively Mobile Plus medical alert device is waterproof and contains fall detection sensors, so you can wear it even in the shower. It gives the fastest response times by connecting you to an Urgent Care hotline staffed by nurses and doctors. In addition, approved loved ones and caregivers can view activity data provided by the device via the Lively Link smartphone app or web dashboard.

The Lively device is inexpensive and has a small, lightweight design. However, the downside is that the mobile application is not free, and it’s only possible to make calls if a reliable cellular phone connection is available.

In Conclusion

We hope that this list has made it easier for you to select the right device for your needs. Deteriorating health might be a stress factor for you and your loved ones, but you can keep track of your health and reduce the likelihood of an emergency with the correct equipment.

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