Best Group Video Maker Tools

Videos and images have unknowingly become a significant part of our lives. We tend to create and come across videos almost daily. Today, special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers etc. are incomplete without a video. A video can make such special events in one’s life more special and worth remembering.  This is the reason behind the growing popularity of video-making tools today, which have streamlined the entire process of making a video.

Recreational uses of video-making tools are quite noteworthy. These tools do not merely record videos but let you add your personal touch to these videos as well. In a few clicks, one can record videos, integrate other short videos, add personalized music in the background and make several other desired edits. So, be it any occasion, video-making tools are taking the market by storm. With loads of features in them, they have made videos one of the best surprises of today’s time.

If you too are looking to surprise someone special and are in search of some good video-making tools, then here are some of the best group video-maker tools that are sure to make your day.

  1. Celebrate Buzz

Celebrate Buzz is an easy and impactful way to showcase your video-making skills. Apart from the easy and appealing interface, it helps you easily create videos. All you have to do is invite your friends and families to contribute short and meaningful videos to surprise someone. Post this, you can collect and organize videos according to your interests and finally add your personal touch with different music, fonts, images and so much more. In this way, you can drag and drop your videos and images to create a masterpiece for your loved ones.

  • Flyr

Flyr is one of the most popular video-making tools for creating and uploading videos on social media. It has numerous flashy templates. If you intend to create something aesthetic and want to appeal to the millennial point of view, flyr could be just perfect for you. One of the most prominent features of this platform is that it is easy to use! When you surf online, you’ll find numerous video makers that have complex operability and interface. The best thing about flyr is that it caters to the needs of today, by making video-making and editing easier for all of us! The platform also claims to have millions of HD videos for use as part of its stock library, which is ideal for creating group videos.

  • ClipChamp

ClipChamp is an ideal platform for those who are just learning to upload and edit videos online. It offers three aspects to the users: utility, creation and collection. The pop-ups explain how to go about the platform, trim videos, what to search and how to navigate through the website. Further, if you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing UI experience, along with an organized look, ClipChamp might be ideal for you. As a free trial user, you get limited access to animated backgrounds, music tracks and alluring sound effects. Although the platform doesn’t offer stock assets to free users, the trial period can give you significant insights.

  • Animoto

Animoto is yet another software tool for group video-making. The platform has two aspects: Animoto memories and Animoto marketing, with the former focusing on personalized usage. The platform offers an easy-to-use interface and processes, which allows you to trim videos, download music and clips and add content which you have shot or obtained from somewhere. One of the best parts about using the platform is that it offers more than 50 templates to choose from, ranging from content teasers to recipes. It also allows you to edit fonts and colors.

  • Kizoa

Clunky aesthetics, simple tools and sophistication are what Kizoa offers. You can also create group videos through this platform. And while the access to sophisticated fonts and premium assets is limited, Kizoa allows you to create your video/movie with a step-by-step guide with pop-up reminders, in case you find it hard navigating through the website. This is an easy-to-use tool, especially for those trying video making/editing for the first time. Once you start using this platform, you realize that Kizoa has several hidden features that other platforms fail to offer! And while the font selection is limited, as mentioned above, the available ones are fairly updated and sophisticated.

  • WeVideo

WeVideo is an ideal collaborative tool for recreational videos as well as student and educational videos. Students can create group videos in a protective cloud environment. It also has the option for the teachers to monitor. The platform, again, offers an easy-to-use interface and can be used on android, windows, or PC and Mac browsers. A paid membership can get you access to more than 450k images, and 100k songs! WeVideo is therefore a great platform for video-making and editing. This tool is perfect for those who are in need of directions and inspiration.


While there are countless tools and platforms available on the internet today, one needs to chalk out the ones that offer ease of use and are comparatively cheaper, with a lot of inbuilt options. Apart from this, one also needs to be careful as to which platform to make payments on.


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