Best Advice to Manage a Facebook Business Page

Creating a Facebook Business Page may seem easy. However, having more people like or follow a Facebook page can be an uphill task. It’s, therefore, understandable that some people opt for the shortest route to get followers on Facebook. They buy likes and followers to make their Facebook pages popular. 

Having more followers is one of the major goals for most businesses when creating a Facebook page. That’s because having more followers provides social proof. It depicts your business as a well-established one in the eyes of users or future customers. What’s more, having more Facebook followers can enhance brand awareness. It means more people see and probably know about a brand. More followers are also prestigious because they depict a business page as being popular. 

Nevertheless, a Facebook page can be managed properly and made to stand out to attract more followers organically. With proper management, a Facebook business page can attract more viewers and prompt them to like or leave comments. Here are useful pieces of advice on how to manage a Facebook business page. 

Create and Post Compelling Content 

Research has shown that the global Facebook use has proven that it’s an invaluable and innovative platform for marketing both large and small businesses. But, to market a business on Facebook successfully, a large following is required. One organic way of getting a massive following on Facebook is through the creation of engaging, thought-provoking content. 

Therefore, one piece of advice on how to manage a Facebook Business page is the creation of content that appeals to the audience. When the audiences realize that they can always expect quality content from your business page, they will like it and keep checking it out. 

Visual content is, especially great for a Facebook business page. However, the videos shared through the page should be thought-provoking. You can share a video, photos, or even well-crafted text content every day. This will encourage Facebook users to interact with your Facebook business page more often. 

Ideally, a Facebook business page should not be just for promoting services and products. It should also be used to share content that elicits certain reactions or even sparks a conversation among the fans of the page. 

Highlight Pressing Problems 

Don’t just focus on promoting the products or services that your business sells on Facebook. Instead, highlight pressing problems first then tell the fans how your products or services can solve them. Facebook is a social platform. It’s meant to enhance interaction and socialization among people. 

The fans of your Facebook business page will most likely be interested in doing business with you if they realize that you know and understand their problems. They also need to know how your services or products will help them deal with pressing issues. Therefore, highlight the pressing problems that your fans are probably facing after conducting research.

You can even tell or show how your products or services helped past clients or customers solve these pressing issues. If you can show how your products or services took care of past customers in a video, new fans on your Facebook business page might be interested in them as well. 

Manage Reviews on Your Facebook Business Page

The reviews that customers leave on a Facebook business page are one of the things that determine the success of an enterprise. Facebook is among the major websites that most customers check when deciding to contact a business.

Naturally, most people will be hesitant to do business with a company that has many negative reviews. That’s because negative reviews mean the business is incapable of meeting the expectations of clients or customers. Essentially, Facebook reviews provide insights into the experience prospects can expect from a business. 

Therefore, one of the best pieces of advice on how to manage a Facebook business page is managing reviews. This is particularly important for negative reviews. It’s crucial to respond quickly to complaints and resolve issues when they arise. 

When you respond to complaints that clients or customers raise, you show that your business cares about their happiness and satisfaction. And, this can earn your business positive feedback. What’s more, proper and fast response can earn a business more customers or clients. 

Use Insights to Know What Works Best for Your Facebook Business Page 

Some Facebook business page administrators will just post content based on what motivates engagements. Others take a careful look at Facebook Insights before they create and post content. Taking your time to analyze Facebook insights can help you determine what is driving more engagements. 

When a Facebook business page administrator uses Facebook insights, they know what the fans want and how to provide it. For instance, using Facebook insights can show that posts that feature images are reaching more people and driving more engagements than those with text only. In that case, you can focus on creating content that features images more. 

Regardless of the algorithmic changes that Facebook makes, using insights will help you create content that will appeal to your audience and bring more engagements. 

Leverage Recommendations 

A great way to enhance brand awareness while attracting new customers is leveraging the existing fan base or customers. If you add Facebook Recommendations to your business page, you will help more users to find your business page and build social proof. 

Facebook Recommendations is a tool that enables followers and fans to post photos, texts, and tags to a business page. This enables other people to see the feedback and learn more about the experience of past clients or customers with a business. 

What’s more, Recommendations are featured across Facebook whenever users search for or talk about business. This extends the reach of a business to more potential customers. 

The Bottom Line

Creating a Facebook business page is a great way of reaching new clients or customers and keeping the existing ones engaged. However, this page should be managed properly to serve this purpose. It should be used to share information about the products or services of a business and show how they can help solve the problems faced by the fans or followers. Ideally, a Facebook business page should do more than just promote the products or services offered by a business. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.