New Trend: Using Synthetic Urine to Pass Company Test

Many people who are looking to pass a drug test try to go with synthetic urine. This is urine that has been made in a high-quality manner and has been designed to allow someone to pass almost any drug test. At the same time, simply purchasing synthetic urine does not guarantee that someone is going to pass the test. There are a few tips from Noon Proposition 56 that people need to follow to make sure their synthetic urine will test clean.

First, make sure to buy the urine from a reliable synthetic urine shop. While some people purchase synthetic urine online, other people might go directly to the drug store itself. Different shops are going to make their urine with different properties. Those who purchase synthetic urine from a shop that has a poor reputation might end up getting urine that will still test negative. In order to ensure the urine is of high-quality, make sure to buy the urine from a store that has a good reputation. Read some of the reviews on their products or speak to other people who have purchased urine from that shop in the past.

Next, make sure to know the ingredients that are going into the synthetic urine. There are experts that discuss how the various ingredients in synthetic urine can alter the outcomes. It is possible to make the right synthetic urine for nearly any drug test by simply knowing the ingredients that are required to demonstrate the proper condition while also testing clean. There are even manufacturers who will work with an individual to tailor synthetic urine that has been made specifically for that single drug test.

Finally, remember to think about the urine’s temperature, pH, and gravity. Not only does the urine need to test clean but it also needs to look like urine. If the lab runs a test on the urine and the results are incredibly different from any other urine sample, they are going to get suspicious. Urine that has a gravity that is too high might indicate that someone is severely dehydrated. If the pH is close to 0 or 14, this might indicate that something is severely wrong with someone’s kidneys. Of course, the temperature needs to be within a reasonable window, typically 32 to 38 degrees Celsius. Think about these points as well.

Following these tips will help someone pick the right synthetic urine to meet their needs. While there are lots of options out there, some urine samples are going to be better than others. It is important to not only pass the drug test but also make sure the urine is similar in composition to real urine.

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